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Social Policy is a thought-provoking subject that is relevant to employment in a wide variety of work settings; in public and voluntary sectors, professional social work and private sector employment such as marketing or personnel management. The programme will equip you will transferable skills that will enable you explore many different career paths. Take a look at our student and graduate profiles to find out more...

Zafeen Abedean

BSc Social Policy

Zafeen Abedean student

My Story - Zafeen Abedean

What did you enjoy the most about the course and studying at Swansea University?

I enjoyed learning about the different aspect of welfare such as health and social care, social security, crime, ageing and citizenship. I also enjoyed the ambiance of the University and the fact that it was home to me.

What skills did you learn from completing the course and how did they help you get a job?

The skill I learnt were how to think critically, problem solve, how to write and communicate effectively, being organised, how to work using your own initiative, and it helped me gain confidence to meet new people and do presentations.

What have you gone on to do since graduating?

After graduated I applied for a job in London. This was the only job I applied for after I graduated and I got offered the job and moved to London within 4 weeks –
something that I never planned! My first job was as an Information, Advice and Guidance worker in Camden, supporting women to access the labour market, and providing them with advice on welfare benefits i.e. JSA, ESA, income support, housing benefit, etc. I also arranged accredited training, delivered in house training on confidence and motivation, life transferable skills, and time management.

My second job was Lead Learning Disability Employment Advisor in Mile End, London Borough of Tower Hamlets. I provided employment support to vulnerable adults who had learning disabilities.

My third job was as an Employment and Training Development Coordinator in Camden. I was a team leader and managed four staff members on four different employment projects funded by European Social Fund, Big Lottery and Camden Council Fund. I also arranged all the accredited training for staff and clients.

Where are you working now?

I am now a Project Manager for a Project called Women in to Working in Health and Childcare setting for Tower Hamlets Council. I am enjoying the benefits of working for the council! On the other hand I find it very rewarding, helping and supporting the vulnerable members of our community to become independent and financially stable.

What would your advice be to new students?

Education is very important. Social Policy taught me about the welfare state and I am now able to use my knowledge and support other people to make quality choices in their life.
Zafeen studied BSc Social Policy and completed her degree in 2009.