Osteopathy Career Paths

The majority of registered osteopaths will work within the private health care sector, due to the growing demand for osteopathy following an increasing public desire for modern, patient-centred care. Some of our graduates become self employed and either work for themselves running a small business or a clinic that is owned by someone else. 

Calum McCross

M.Ost Osteopathy

Calum McCross Student

Calum McCross - M.Ost Osteopathy

Calum from Oban in Scotland was tempted by Swansea University’s Osteopathy programme, in spite of the rain!

He said: “At my time of entry there were numerous places to study Osteopathy in the UK from Leeds to London. I visited them all and made up my mind as soon as I visited Swansea, despite the rain! The other universities that taught Osteopathy were either in big, busy cities or in the middle of the countryside, Swansea was a good mix of them all. A combination of the proximity to the beaches, friendly people and being part of a university where I could meet and mix with a wide variety of students, made it obvious to choose Swansea.”

Describing the Osteopathy course as “challenging, rewarding and fun,” Calum found working within ABMU Health Board to be an invaluable experience.

He maintains that his highlight during his studies was “Finishing an exam and going to Caswell to surf or just chill out. Hard to beat”.

Calum now has an exciting future ahead of him as he plans to combine Osteopathy with studying Medicine at Aberdeen University.

He said: “I’m hoping to become a GP or be involved with chronic pain management. I want to combine the holistic and conservative approach that Osteopathy brings to the conventional methods of medicine into whichever route I decide to go down.”

“The advantage of studying Osteopathy is that it is a  vocational degree. I know that a lot of my peers have already landed jobs and secured steady work. Personally, I can transfer a lot of the inter-personal, clinical and practical skills I have learned throughout this degree into a career in medicine.”

Everyone in the cohort has made my time at Swansea truly unforgettable; I wish every one of you all the best and the success that you all deserve in the future, you’re all absolute legends.”