Swansea Centre for Health Economics

Welcome to the Swansea Centre for Health Economics

Located on beautiful Swansea Bay at the Singleton Park Campus of Swansea University, the Swansea Centre for Health Economics  - SCHE  - comprises an energetic and enthusiastic team of multidisciplinary staff focused on development and application of health economics methods to ‘real life’ issues in health care policy and delivery. 

Our mission is to bridge the gap between rigorous academic research and delivering useful information to all those who are engaged in health care.

Research Led

We provide health economic support from the early conceptual stages of proposal planning

* Literature reviews

* Early formulation of research ideas

* Study development

Analysis Driven

We have extensive expertise in analysis and modelling:

* Economic evaluation

* Statistical analysis

* Resource utilisation and costing of interventions

Real World Perspective

The evidence we develop and disseminate supports decision makers in allocating scarce resources at the frontline:

* Working with you

* Priority setting 

SCHE Collaborations

Supporting Wales as a centre of health economics excellence.

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