Research expertise when you need it most

Alongside our consultancy services we are also able to offer businesses and organisations access to a range of high-quality, cutting-edge research expertise.

We are able to work with you to identify the most appropriate way to explore the issue at hand and propose solutions for moving forward, and we can explore a wide range of business aspects from service delivery through to the health and wellbeing of employees.

This could vary from a research project for a small discrete piece of work, through to a three year studentship evaluating the delivery and cost effectiveness of a new healthcare service.

A PhD Studentship can be a particularly cost-effective option to explore, as it guarantees full-time research support dedicated solely to investigating the problem for three years (or six years part-time). Students would also normally spend some time within the organisation which will ensure the results of the research are cognisant of your businesses specific needs.

Examples of clients who have taken up this opportunity are the Ministry of Defence, and the City & County of Swansea, and City & County of Carmarthenshire.