Accreditation of Prior Learning

AP(e)L and AP(c)L

Accreditation for prior (certificated) learning is where credit is awarded for learning which has already been assessed and certificated as part of a completed or partly completed course undertaken in Higher Education (e.g. a previous degree). Sometimes there may be overlap between the original and the new programme of study. 

Accreditation of prior (experiential) learning is where ‘learning achieved outside education or training systems is assessed and, as appropriate, recognised for academic purposes’  (Quality Assurance Agency 2004).  Thus AP(e)L is linked with learning acquired through personal experience (in work, the home, through voluntary work or through leisure activities and which is not certificated. However, in this context significance is attached to the learning that is gained from the experience rather than the experience per se.  

AP(C)L and AP(E)L provide students with the opportunity to have this prior learning counted towards;

  • The entry requirements for a programme of study or
  • The course content within a programme of study.

Reasons for claiming credit through AP(c)L and AP(e)L include;

  • You may save time by completing your programme of study more quickly
  • You can avoid having to repeat things that have already been learned
  • You can have learning and capabilities gained through experiences recognised within your programme of study

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