Construction Design & Management (CDM)

Construction design

If you carry out or instruct contractors to carry out ‘construction work’ you have duties within the Construction Design & Management regulations 2015.

‘Construction work’ includes building, fitting out, running electrical or data cables, running events, putting up marquees, and some maintenance work.

It is important if you procure or carry out any work such as this that you will be a dutyholder and are required to have knowledge and understanding of the CDM Regulations 2015 and the supporting HSE L153 Document prior to commencing any project.

If you need to clarify whether a certain type of work that you do is construction, or arrange CDM training, contact your H&S Co-ordinator or the Health & Safety Team.

Call: 5240


Whatever your role in construction you must:

  • sensibly plan the work so the risks involved are managed from start to finish;
  • ensure that people procured to carry out work have the knowledge, skill and experience to do so;
  • have the right people for the right job at the right time;
  • cooperate and coordinate your work with others;
  • have the right information about the risks and how they are being managed;
  • communicate this information effectively to those who need to know;
  • consult and engage with workers about the risks and how they are being managed.

If you require further advice and support in relation to any construction work contact the Estates and Facilities Management helpdesk:  5240

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