Adverse Events

Adverse events are events or circumstances that result in or have the potential to result in injury or ill health or damage to the environment.

In order to prevent aderse events from ocurring, it is important that we investigate and review them as and when they occur. It is also a legal requirement for us to report, record and investigate adverse events.

What to Report

  • All adverse events must be reported. Adverse events include:
  • Actual or potential injuries/ill health to staff, students, contractors and visitors whilst in University owned or occupied buildings and grounds.
  • Actual or potential injuries/ill health to staff, students, contractors and visitors sustained whilst engaged in University activities.
  • Ill-health that has been caused by, or made worse by work, as reported by a GP.Incidents involving environmental damage to land, water, protected species, natural habitats, sites of special scientific interest (SSSIs), noise levels within local communities that exceed regulatory limits and that result from any activity undertaken by the university.

When to Report

All reports should be made to your line manager as soon as practicably possible following the event. An adverse event form must be completed using the adverse event e-form on the University website within 2 days of the adverse event occurring.

The adverse event should not be reported via the e-form on the website if it is ongoing and requires emergency assistance.  If emergency assistance is required the emergency plans/ procedures relating to the event should be initiated and/ or call ‘333’ for Security involvement and to invoke the University Incident Management Plan.

All relevant forms, guidance and policy arrangements relating to reporting adverse events can be found below.

To report an adverse event, click here.

Arrangements, guidance, forms & templates