The remit of the School of Health and Social Care Research Ethics Committee (REC) is as follows:

Since February 2017, The Medical School has had its own separate Research Ethics Committee.

For any Medical School Submissions, please visit the Medical School Research Ethics and Governance Committee Web Page

*In respect of students, the term ‘research’ is given a broader definition to encompass service evaluation, where this concerns human participants.

*Where research involves the collection of human samples from non-NHS patients and they are storing that tissue for any period of time they either need to have NHS REC approval or hold it under the HTA licence – University REC is not sufficient for storing human samples, even if they are from healthy volunteers/students. 

See Swansea University guidelines on the collection of human tissue.


  • Research by staff which requires NHS research ethics scrutiny
  • Research where no human subjects or personal data are accessed (such as a review of literature)
  • Research using publicly available data.
  • Personal reflective practice-based work.

You can review the SU flowchart for gaining ethical approval here: Ethical Review Pathway Map


Your electronic submission should all be contained within 1 document, signed by the applicant (where relevant both applicant and academic supervisor) and should be emailed to

If you have any specific queries in relation to sponsorship of research, then kindly get in touch with Paola Griffiths (, who has an updated spreadsheet with information on University sponsored research by School.

Welsh Government Guidelines

Please note that in accordance with recent changes in Welsh Government guidelines research involving human participants may now resume. This is subject to an updated H&S COVID Safe Operating Procedure for Research involving Human participants. 

This means that there is no longer a requirement for the completion of a justification report and that non-essential research may resume. It will however be subject to authorisation process in that the SOP needs to be adhered to and a Risk Assessment and Considerations checklist together with a Covid Participant questionnaire needs to be completed (Appendices 1 and 2) by applicants, and authorised by Supervisors and then included within any Ethics application to the Research Ethics Committee. Participants also need to be given Appendix 4 (Participant Information).  

The university has now developed a Safe Operating Procedure whereby face to face research may be allowed to recommence. This is subject to strict criteria and please refer to the link below specifically on Covid 19 information where all relevant documentation can be accessed.

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