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This page is under development. On-line texts are organized by author, except that the fragmentary presocratics are collected together under Presocratics. The translations are generally in the public domain (i.e. old and out of copyright). Unless otherwise stated these are links to English translations.

All web sites are sometimes unobtainable for one reason or another. If these links do not work at the time you try them, try again later and use Refresh. I monitor them, but these links are to uncommon resources and I will not delete them unless reliability is a real problem.

Aesop Fables at John Long's site here. Aesop was part of the furniture in the ancient Greek mind. Some fables are immediately relevant to ancient science and technology, e.g. the crow and the pitcher (cf. Arkhimedes and specific gravity), or the cobbler turned doctor. P.S. the morals tacked onto the end of some fables were added by medieval monks. Aesop may or may not have intended the same message.

Anon Periplus of the Erythraean Sea at P Halsall's Internet sourcebook site at Fordham here.

Anatolius Introduction to Arithmetic from the CCEL here.

Aratos Phainomena in Greek from Bibliotheca Augustana here.

Archimedes The Method at the Project Gutenberg site here; The Cattle Problem, Measurement of a Circle and The Stomach (in Greek) from Bibliotheca Augustana here.

Aristophanes Clouds from eserver.org here.

Aristotle Almost all works at the Internet Classics Archive here. Physics I at P Halsall's site at Fordham here. Metaphysics at the same here.

Arrian Indika at P Halsall's site at Fordham here

Caesar, Julius, Law on municipalities from Yale Law School here.

Cato On Agriculture, at Bill Thayer's site here.

Celsus On Medicine, at Bill Thayer's site here.

Censorinus The Birthday Book (Latin and French) at Bill Thayer's site here.

Columella On Agriculture (to book four when this link created) at Bill Thayer's site here.

Diogenes Laertius Lives of the Famous Philosophers VI (Cynics) i.e. Antisthenes, Diogenes, Monimos, Onesikritos, Krates, Metrokles, Hipparkhia, Menippos, Menedemos, at P Halsall's site at Fordham here. Lives of the Famous Philosophers VII (Stoics) i.e. Zeno of Kition, Ariston, Herillos, Dionysios, Kleanthes, Sphairos, Khrusippos, at P Halsall's site at Fordham here. Life of Epicurus at Epicurus.net here.

Empedokles on Peitho's Web here. See also under Presocratics below.

Epikouros (Epicurus) at the Alex Catalogue here.

Epictetus at the Alex Catalogue here.

Euclid Elements see D Joyce's pages from Clark University here.

Frontinus Aqueducts of Rome at B Thayer's site here.

Galen On Hippocrates On the Nature of Man from Ancient Medicine/Medicina Antiqua here. On the Natural Faculties here. On Diagnosis from Dreams here. Virtual texts on line (Greek or Latin, no trans) from the BIUM ( Bibliotheque Interuniversitaire de Medecine) here.

Hanno (the Carthaginian) Periplous English trans and commentary by Jona Lendering at Livius.org here.

Herakleitos Fragments translated by R Hooker at Washington State here.

Heron Pneumatics see the Steam Engine Library pages from Rochester here.

Hippocrates see the MIT site here for Airs, Waters, Places; Ancient Medicine; Aphorisms; Articulations (Joints); Epidemics I and II; Fistulae; Fractures; Haemorrhoids; Head Injuries; Instruments of reduction; Law; Oath; Prognostics; Regimen in Acute Diseases; Sacred Disease; Surgery; Ulcers. For the Greek text (not easy to read) see the Bibliotheque Interuniversitaire de Medecine site here.

Hippolytus Refutation of all Heresies here from the CCEL.

Itineraries: Roman Britain here; C4 AD Christian's pilgrimage route from Bordeaux to the Holy Land (the Itinerarium Burdigalense) here; a photo rather than the text of part of the Peutinger Table - but the best photo I've found of it, here.

Josephus (important for war machines, several of which are described in his Wars) from the Wesley Centre Online (scroll down the page) here. He is also available on Perseus here.

Lucretius at the Alex Catalogue here.

Pausanius Description of Greece at Perseus here.

Plato at the Alex Catalogue here.

Pliny Natural History the complete text in Latin (no trans) at B Thayer's site here.

Plutarch On the face in the orb of the moon at Bill Thayer's Lacus Curtius site here.

Presocratics: Fragments of Anaxagoras, Anaximander, Anaximenes, Empedokles, Melissos, Parmenides, Pythagoras, Thales, Xenophanes and Zeno of Elea, plus later ancient authors' (e.g. Plato's, Aristotle's) comments upon them, at the Hanover Historical Projects site here.

Procopius Buildings of Justinian at Bill Thayer's site here.

Pseudo-Plutarch Placita or Opinions of the philosophers in French trans here.

Ptolemy: Tetrabiblos at B Thayer's site here.

Seneca Letters from Stoics.com here.

Strabo: Geography, books 1-9 and 15-17 online at Bill Thayer's site here. Books 6-14 at Perseus here.

Tertullian: in Latin and English here and in English here, both from R Pearse's Tertullian site.

Theophrastos: works in Greek at Bibliotheca Augustana here; some already available, many still to come. Caley and Richard's English translation of On Stones at Farlang.com here.

Varro On Agriculture, at Bill Thayer's site here.

Vegetius On Military Matters from the Digital Attic here.

Vitruvius de Architectura at B Thayer's site here.


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