T E Rihll



Biographical Information

University Of Wales Swansea
Part-time Lecturer in Department of Classics and Ancient History since 1995; senior lecturer since 2007.

University of Wales Lampeter
Full-time Lecturer in Department of Classics 1990-1995.

University of Leeds
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in the Schools of History and of Geography 1987-9.

PhD University of Leeds 1987.

BA(Hons) First Class, University of Kent 1982.

Married J V Tucker in 1987; we have two children, Elizabeth, born in 1994, and Henry, born in 1999.

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Current Projects

Ancient Science and Technology
I started working in this area in 1990. My earliest relevant papers are on silver production in classical Greece, focusing on the Laurion, Attica. I have since written Greek Science (OUP, 1999) for the Greece & Rome New Surveys in the Classics series, no.29; edited (with C J Tuplin) Science and Mathematics in Ancient Greek Culture (Oxford, 2002); and most recently written The Catapult: a history (Westholme, 2007). I also have a website on Greek and Roman science and technology.
Ancient Slavery
I have long been interested in slavery in antiquity. Earlier publications focussed on slavery in the archaic period; forthcoming publications focus on the classical period, spceifically on classical Athens (for the Cambridge World History of Slavery vol 1) and Greece more generally (for a comparative study in Slave Systems Ancient and Modern). My interests in slavery and in technology overlap on the topic of work in antiquity.

For a selection of publications see here.

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Contact Information

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