Name: Theaitetos


From: Sounion, Athens

Son of: Euphronios 


Dates: c. 417-369 BC

Brief biography: Studied with Theodoros of Cyrene and at the Academy with Plato. Father died before he reached manhood and left a large fortune but the trustees of the estate squandered it. At some time taught in Herakleia in Pontus; may have taught Herakleides. Died from disease contracted after wounding in battle (prob. v. Korinth 369) Contributed to the theory of irrational quantities, construction of regular solids, and theory of proportions, built upon by Eudoxos and set out by Euclid bk 5. Eponym of one Platonic dialogue and principal character of Sophist.


Works: No writings survive, even as frags.. 

References: I Bulmer-Thomas DSB 13.301-307.

T E Rihll

Last modified: 11 April 2007