Name: Ptolemy (or Claudius Ptolemaios)


From: Ptolemais (Egypt) 

Son of: Not known


Dates: c. AD 90-151. Earliest dateable observation he made is 26 march 127, latest is 2 Feb 141.

Brief biography: Knowledge of his life is based on deductions from surviving works. Only place mentioned in his observaions is Alexandria; presumably lived there always. Name shows inhabitant of Egypt descended from Greeks (Ptolemaios) and Roman citizen (Claudius), probably by grant to ancestor, perhaps during the reign of the emperor of that name.


Works: Almagest, Analemma, Geography, Handy Tables, Hypotheses, Phaseis, Tetrabiblos

References: G J Toomer DSB 11.186-206

T E Rihll

Last modified: 19 March 2008