Name: Perikles



Son of: Xanthippos


Dates: c.480-d. 429 BC

Brief biography: First appears in public life in 472 as liturgist paying for the chorus for one of Aiskhulos’ trilogies. As Xanthippos had prosecuted Miltiades, Perikles prosecuted Miltiades’ son Kimon in 463; later during a time of crisis (454/3) he proposed that Kimon be recalled from exile. He supported Ephialtes in reforming the constitution in 457. During the next 25 years he was prominent in Athens, repeatedly winning re-election to the strategeia. But after a failed attack on Epidaurus in 430 he was removed from office, prosecuted, found guilty and fined. He was elected again in 429, but died of the plague in the same year.




T E Rihll

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