Name: Aristotle


From: Stagira (Khalkidike)

Son of: Nikomakhos

    Occupation(s): Healer to Amuntas III, grandfather of Alexander the Great.

Dates: 384-322 BC

Brief Biography: Both parents died before Aristotle came of age. In 367 (c.17) went to Athens, joined Plato's Academy, where he stayed for 20 years. On Plato's death and Speusippos' assumption of the headship of the Akademy Aristotle left Athens. Went to Assos, married daughter of Hermias the tyrannos. In 344 went to Lesbos, probably met Theophrastos here. In 342 perhaps went to Macedon to tutor Alexander. Returned to Athens in 335. Next 12 years spent here, teaching in the Lyceum, at this time a wholly public space. He was the butt of an occasional joke, e.g. Antiphanes fr. 122 on potential and actual being. When Alexander died in 323 Aristotle left Athens for Khalkis, where he died the following year, having worried himself to death trying to find an explanation for the currents in the Euripos strait, according to Prokopios.



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T E Rihll

Last modified: 30 January 2006