Name: Apollonios


From: Perge, (Pamphylia, SE Asia Minor).

Son of:


Dates: c.245-170? BC

Brief Biography: Very little known about his life. For some time lived in Alexandria, visited Pergamum and Ephesus. Had a son also called Apollonios. He sent bk 2 of Conic sections to Eudemus of Pergamum by his son's hand. By the time he’d written bk 4 Eudemus was dead, and bk 4 is addressed to one Attalos (not the king; the form of address would have been different). Also refers to Konon, Archimedes’ first correspondent. Bks 1-4 of Conic Sections survive in Greek; bks 5-7 in Arabic; bk 8 is lost.



References: G J Toomer DSB 1.179-93.


T E Rihll

Last modified: 11 March 2003