Mr Martin Coles Honorary DSc, 28 July 2017


Martin Coles is President and Chief Executive Officer of HaloSource, a global company that develops clean technologies to disinfect and purify water.

Martin Coles attended Swansea University and graduated with a Bsc Hons in Biochemistry in June 1977.

He worked for Procter and Gamble including as an executive in New York and Cincinnati before joining PepsiCo in Chicago in 1987.  He has worked for Nike; as Executive Vice President of Reebok International Ltd and as President International of Starbucks.  He was appointed president and chief executive officer of HaloSource in October 2011.  He is currently a strategic adviser to the company. 

On receiving his honorary degree from Swansea University, Mr Coles said: “I am delighted to be recognised in this way and am truly humbled at the tremendous honour being bestowed on me which is so unexpected and so very much appreciated.

The quality of education, and the care and attention my peers and I received at Swansea University is testament to the quality of this institution.  Many, many great minds have passed through Swansea University’s doors and I very much appreciate being a small part of its rich history.”