Professor Gabriele Veneziano

Professor Gabriele Veneziano‌Professor Gabriele Veneziano is a distinguished theoretical physicist.  He was the first person to study String Cosmology and the possibility of thinking of pre-big-bang cosmology in a scientific way.

Professor Veneziano has close links with Swansea University and has published over 20 papers on quantum chromodynamics in long-standing collaborations with the Theoretical Particle Physics research group.

Presenting the award, Physicist and Honorary Fellow of Swansea University, Dr Lyn Evans, said: “Professor Veneziano has made pioneering contributions in many areas of particle physics. He has long-standing links with Swansea University’s Particle Physics research group and it is an honour to welcome him as a member of our University.”

On receiving his award, Professor Veneziano said: “Ten years ago, on 7 July 2005, I was at Swansea University, trying to finish a research paper with Professor Graham Shore and Dr Adi Armoni. We suddenly got news about the bombings in London. I knew my daughter could have been on the tube at the time, hence for a while I could not concentrate on work. But soon I could relax and we finished the paper and published it: we predicted analytically the value of an important quantity (the so-called quark condensate) for understanding the nuclear force. With our great satisfaction, just a year ago, our prediction was confirmed in a spectacular way by a very accurate numerical calculation involving super computers.

It is for me a great honour to receive this Honorary Doctorate from a prestigious University where I have so many good friends and colleagues, and I look forward to many more successful collaborations.”