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Student selecting classes

Module Information

Dual campus teaching

Teaching at Swansea University takes place on two campuses.  

The following subjects are taught on Singleton Park Campus:

Arts & Humanities – American Studies; Classics, Ancient History, Egyptology; Education; English Language & Applied Linguistics; English Literature & Creative Writing; History & Medieval Studies; Media, Communication & Public Relations; Modern Languages, Translation & Interpreting; Politics & International Relations; War & Society; Welsh
Human & Health Sciences – Public Health & Social Policy (excluding Social Work and Inter-professional Studies); Psychology
Medical School – Biochemistry; Genetics
Science – Biosciences; Chemistry; Geography; Physics 
Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law – Criminology; Law

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The following subjects are taught on Bay Campus:

Engineering – (including the School of Sport & Exercise Science); Aerospace; Chemical; Civil; Electronic & Electrical; Materials Science; Mechanical
School of Management - Accounting & Finance; Business Management; Economics; Marketing 
Science -  Computer Science; Mathematics 

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Cross-Campus Study 

Students who choose to study classes within the College of Engineering; School of Management; Computer Science & Mathematics will be studying at the Bay Campus. Students choosing to study these modules along with modules from other academic departments will have to travel between the Bay & Singleton Park campuses. Students must factor travel time into their decision when choosing modules as they will need time to travel between the sites. Classes start on the hour at both campuses and students will need to understand that it is not possible to attend a 10am lecture on the Singleton Park Campus followed by an 11 am lecture on the Bay Campus as travel time will need to be allowed for.

Selecting Modules

Open our online module catalogue on the link below for details of all courses and modules taught at Swansea University:

SU Module Catalogue

How do I search the online module catalogue?

  1. Select the Academic Department
  2. Select the academic year 20/21
  3. Click on 'List Departmental Modules'. A list of all the modules for that subject area will then be displayed.
  4. Click on the individual modules to find out detailed information on each one.
  5. NOTE: Some modules/courses are NOT available to Visiting & Exchange students.  Students should consult the module information carefully to check for statements such as 'Available to Visiting & Exchange students'.

Which level modules should I choose?

  • Exchange and Fee-Paying Visiting students are advised to select Year 1 (HE level 4) or Year 2 (HE level 5) modules. With the discretion of a department it may be possible to select Year 3 (HE level 6) if students have a sound background in that subject area. NOTE: There are no re-sit opportunities at (HE level 6).
  • It is at the discretion of departments whether they allow Undergraduate students to pursue level M modules (Master Level).
  • Postgraduate exchange students entering Swansea University are allowed to select up to one semester worth of Master Level (M) modules/courses.
  • NOTE: IMPORTANT Due to timetabling, module capacity and other restrictions it is not possible to confirm final module selections until students arrive and enrol at Swansea University.  There is a two-week “Add/Drop” period at the beginning of each semester in which to change or confirm module/course selections.  No changes can be made after this 2 week period.

 How many modules should I choose?

  • Students spending one semester at Swansea should select modules that total no more than 60 Swansea University credits (30 ECTS)
  • Students spending two semesters (a full academic year) at Swansea should select modules that total no more than 120 Swansea University credits (60 ECTS)

(NOTE: All Visiting and Exchange students should check with their home university Study Abroad Office for full details of how Swansea credits will be transferred.)

Teaching Blocks

Teaching Block 1 (TB1)  is Semester 1 - These modules/classes are taught in Semester 1 only.  

NOTE: Term 1 (Fall) is part of TB1.  Students spending Term 1 at Swansea should only select modules/classes that are taught and examined in Teaching Block 1.  It is the responsibility of students to check the method of assessment before selecting their modules.

Teaching Block 2 (TB2) is Semester 2 - These modules/classes are taught in Semester 2 only.

Teaching Blocks 1 & 2 (TB1 & TB2) - Academic year modules.  These modules/classes are only available to students spending the full academic year at Swansea. Single semester students must NOT select these modules.

Exams & Assessment

When selecting modules/courses students must pay attention to the method of assessment.  Some are assessed by essay, others by examinations.

  • Semester 1 (TB1) modules/courses: Some modules have examinations in January and students are required to be present in Swansea for these.   Some modules require the submission of coursework.  It is the responsibility of students to check the method of assessment before selecting their modules.
  • Students not planning to be in Swansea for the assessment period need to select modules assessed by coursework and class tests rather than by examination in January.
  • Semester 2 (TB2) modules/courses : All examinations take place in May/June.
  • Students are required to be present at all set examinations and should NOT arrange return flights home until their final examination timetable is confirmed by the Examination Office at Swansea University. These timetables are published in mid-December for January examinations and in early April for May/June examinations.
  • Swansea University will not proctor any examinations for students.
  • Swansea University will not allow students to sit Swansea examinations at their home universities.
Transcripts & Credit

The ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) is used to convert marks attained at European institutions.

5 ECTS credits are equivalent to 10 Swansea University credits.

Grade conversion tables can be found in the academic guide.

Swansea University issues academic transcripts twice a year:

Semester 1 & Term 1(Fall) students:  Interim transcripts will be posted to students' home addresses and to their home universities after the semester 1 Examination Boards take place in early March each year.  These results are provisional and will only become confirmed at the end of the academic year.

Final year confirmed result transcripts will be posted to students' home addresses and to their home universities after the end of year Examination Boards take place at the end of June each year.  The transcript will refer to both types of credit.

Students are able to view and download their transcripts from their Intranet records after the Examination Boards have taken place.