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Read about what other students thought about their experience at Swansea.


Massimo at Swansea Uni sign

I really had a wonderful experience in Swansea, everything was just right, the people, the place, the organisation and many other things. Considering 20 years ago life was quite different compared to today, I really found myself at home in Swansea! When I won the scholarship for the Erasmus project in Swansea, I could not believe it! For a few months before going to Swansea I was so happy and I could not wait to start my adventure. A few nights before I started to worry and be afraid of the new challenge, what if I do not like the place? The people? I don't understand the language? I don't understand what to do? And many other questions. Once I got to Swansea,  all my doubts disappeared, every day there was something going on, the people were friendly, everything was well organised and easy to understand and together with studying which was important. I had LOTS OF FUN and MADE FRIENDS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD! ERASMUS is definitely an experience on its own, plus if you go to a place like Swansea, there are no words to describe it... you must live it!


Catrin at Principality Stadium watching a rugby game

When coming to Wales I did not have a lot of expectations and mainly just wanted the opportunity to travel more. During my time at Swansea I really fell in love with the place. I loved being able to go to the coast or into town anytime I wanted. I also loved the pre-sessional course I took that allowed me to meet other study abroad students and to see more of the U.K. on the three trips we went on to the Gower, Bath, and Cardiff. After meeting other study abroad students I was able to plan trips to travel when our class schedules allowed which included trips to London, Scotland, a Six Nations Game in Cardiff, and Malta. All within the three months that I was abroad and before covid-19 became a global pandemic. At Swansea I stayed in the student village which gave me the opportunity to be immersed with Swansea students and find amazing friends. I think living in the student village was really nice because it was inexpensive, I got a bus pass for free by living there, and it really allowed me to meet people abroad and get to know them. Overall, my experience was amazing and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I have the most amazing friends for life, some abroad and some in the states, and the most amazing memories that will never be forgotten.


IPSA baseball cap on Swansea Bay

I did a semester abroad in Swansea and what an adventure it was! I rented a house in town, near St James Church, and it was calm and peaceful. I was studying coastal and engineering on Bay campus, and it was amazing to have examples of my courses right down the road, on the beach. Tides in Swansea are very impressive, and many complex behaviours of the sea can be observed easily from the coast. The view from Mumbles was marvellous. I was quite sad that the Oystermouth castle was closed, but we could visit many others and they were so impressive. Like a jump out of time in the medieval welsh world. I miss the salted smell of the sea, the efficient recycling sorting system of waste (which France terribly lacks), the high number of Asian shops… And the Grape and Olive restaurant, the view is unique up there!


Vianca at three cliffs bay

What drew me to Swansea immediately was the beach. I was sure I wanted to study abroad in the UK, but out of all of my choices, living by the beach made Swansea my top preference. I also had a few friends back in my university tell me how amazing it was to live there for six months and I just had to see this for myself. I loved the student life; everyone was so fun and welcoming. Even though my semester abroad was cut so short because of COVID-19, I had such a great time that I’ll say all my memories are favorites. Swansea may be a small city, but you can find so much to do and with good company it’s even better. I would 100% recommend Swansea as a study abroad destination!


Odelle at a waterfall

Hi, my name is Odelle. I am from New Mexico, USA. I am currently an undergraduate studying Criminal Justice and Forensic Psychology. I studied abroad in Swansea this term and it was life-changing. I got to do and see so many amazing things. I watched Wales beat Italy in rugby. I ate escargot (snails) with my friends in Paris. I explored ancient castles in Wales. I made so many life long friendships with the other study abroad students. I also became really close with my 20 other flatmates. They really took me under their wings and made my experience so much better. I will miss them all so much and I really hope to visit again! I will always be thankful for my time abroad!


Lorance in Swansea shirt

I chose Swansea as my study abroad destination because it was the perfect destination for me, personally, to get the full experience of studying abroad. I was able to live in a completely different atmosphere and culture. I genuinely enjoyed my professors at Swansea University, they made my experience abroad so much better. My professors understood the course material and how to teach the material to individuals like myself. I feel like I learned more in my courses than I have in any other course that I have taken previously. My favourite memory of Swansea was during the pre sessional course when our class toured the Gower. I genuinely enjoyed getting to see everything with other students from all over the world. I would definitely recommend Swansea as a study abroad destination because of all the different opportunities the University offers. Not only is there plenty of things to do locally, but it’s also really easy to travel to different places as well!


Sergio and friends on the bus

I’ll always fondly remember those first days. I was like a child freaking out with every new thing I experienced and each person I met. It was mixed with those nerves and uncertainty of such an experience like this. But Swansea embraces you quickly. I think I’ve known a few places that are as cool and friendly as that university. And I would say that’s because they’re 100 years ahead. It’s a little oasis within this world of selfishness and borders. The roller coaster kept going on, surprising me every day with new turns that made the routine a myth: adventures discovering societies, a day trip to London, the epic Reggaeton parties, long walks on the beach or the smashing mini parties on the bus. But one day it stopped. We had to get off when there was still the final stretch we had so many plans for. But I just think about how lucky I was to have enjoyed all that for almost six months. I’m carrying those lovely people I found there. I’m carrying that little oasis with me.


Charlene on Gower

Signing up for a study abroad program was the greatest decision I’ve ever made. Being a student in Swansea was great - the courses offered matched my degree plan and are all at your pace. Best perk though? Exiting class and being able to step right onto the beach. I was able to visit 10 countries whilst on exchange, including Austria, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Iceland and the Czech Republic. The best part of my exchange was meeting people from all over the world. My accommodation block was all international students, so not only was I learning Welsh culture, but now I have friends stretching all the way from Denmark to Australia! The only negative part of my trip was that it was too short! I would definitely go back and do it all over again because it was the best 5 months of my life.”


Kylen near Mumbles lighthouse

Sleepless nights at the library, amazing nights on Wind Street.  What more could an exchange student ask for?  So grateful for the friends I've made during my time here.  Although my time was short-lived, I made the most of it.  Go Swans!


Rachel at Cardiff Castle

I chose Swansea as a study abroad destination because I loved the location and size of the city. Being right on the water seemed so unique compared to other universities I looked at and I enjoyed the small quant city rather than a larger one. I loved just about everything about Swansea University, but my favourite thing would have to be the small class sizes and beautiful classrooms. I am a Business major and studying at Bay campus' new classrooms was amazing and I got to know my Professors personally. My favourite memory of Swansea has to be the lifelong friends I have now made from all over the world; some of my best friends are now from Australia, the U.S, Wales and England. Lastly I would 100% recommend Swansea as a study abroad destination to anyone! From the beautiful beach to the nightlife to the community you become a part of, I now have another place to call home and wouldn't imagine it any other way.