The Go Global Team - Inbound

The Go Global Team (Inbound) is based in the International Development Office. We are responsible for international students coming to Swansea to study. The team is able to assist you with applications, cultural queries, paperwork and orientation.

If you are a Swansea student going abroad on exchange, visit our Outbound pages to meet other members of the team who will be able to help you.

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Kay Llewellyn

Exchange and Study Abroad Coordinator - 
Inbound Students

Kay works with Exchange and Fee-Paying Visiting students and is the main contact responsible for the applications, queries and orientation events for these students.


Corinne Rees

Exchange & Study Abroad Assistant 

Corinne assists with Exchange and Fee-Paying Visiting students and is available to deal with a variety of queries. 


 Staff Image

Jennifer Walker

International Officer - Study Abroad 

Jennifer is responsible for recruiting international fee-paying visiting students who come to study at Swansea University for a semester or a full year.