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Follow the guidance below

What type of student am I?

EXCHANGE STUDENT - If your home university has an exchange agreement in place with Swansea University then you can apply to come as an exchange student. Check our list of exchange partners here:


FEE-PAYING VISITING STUDENT - If your home university does not have an exchange agreement with Swansea University then you can still come to us as a fee-paying Visiting student. See 'Complete our form' for further information.


Please check with your home university International Exchange/Study Abroad Office as some universities offer exchange and fee-paying options.


Admission requirements

You will need to be in good academic standing at your home university to be able to study at Swansea University. 

Non-EU International students are required to have proficiency in the English language.  A minimum IELTS score of 6.0 is required, with a minimum of 5.5 required in each part of the test.

Students coming from the EU should have proficiency in the English language as ALL modules are taught in English.  Level B2 is recommended.

Non-EU students pursuing their degrees at EU universities are required to provide evidence of proficiency in the English language.  A minimum IELTS score of 6.0 is required, with a minimum of 5.5 required in each part of the test.

Acceptance does not guarantee your provisional module selection. You will confirm your final module selection once you have arrived and are enrolled at Swansea University.

Complete our form

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All students are required to complete and submit the online admission form by clicking the APPLY NOW button above.   Make sure all required sections are complete before submitting the form.    

Deadline for submission of online applications for September 2020 start:       Monday 18th May 2020

Deadline for submission of online applications for January 2021 start:            Friday 23rd October 2020

Students are required to upload the following with their application:

  • All students - A copy of the biographical pages of your passport.  NOTE: EU students can currently upload a copy of their National I.D. cards.
  • All students - A copy of your most recent academic transcript.
  • International students from non-English speaking countries must submit an IELTS certificate. (See below for English Language requirements.) 
  • Non-EU nationals pursuing their degrees at EU universities are required to provide evidence of proficiency in the English Language as per IELTS guidance.

Non-EU nationals - Proficiency in the English language is required as ALL modules are taught in English. A minimum IELTS score of 6.0 is required with a minimum of 5.5 in each part of the test.  Students are required to provide the Go Global Inbound Team with a copy of their IELTS certificates.

  • EU nationals -  Proficiency in the English language is required as ALL modules are taught in English.  It is recommended that Level B2 (or equivalent) is obtained.   
  • Swansea University reserves the right to deny admission onto modules for students who do not have the requested level.


When you submit your online application form you will receive an automated email acknowledgement.  We will then contact you by email to confirm when your application has been processed, and again to confirm when you have been accepted to study at Swansea University with full information on the next steps of the process.

These emails will be followed by confirmation of acceptance and information packages which will be posted to your home address as provided on your online application form.  PLEASE NOTE: Packages for international students will be sent directly to your home university Study Abroad Co-ordinator who will distribute them to you.


Once you have been accepted at Swansea University as an Exchange or Visiting student you will receive an email from the Go Global Team which will provide you with a link to Residential Services to enable you to apply for accommodation.  The email will also contain your Swansea University student number that you need in order to set up an accommodation account.


For details of accommodation options please click here


Visa information

Students should check the visas and immigration website for more detailed information.

  •  EU nationals currently do not need a visa to study at Swansea University.
  •  Non-EU/International students pursuing study for 6 months or less (a semester) may require a Short Term   Student visa.
  •  A Tier 4 (CAS) Visa is required for Non-EU/international students who wish to:
  •            study here for an academic year
  •            work whilst in the UK
  •            do voluntary work in the UK
  •            undertake an internship in the UK
     Please make sure you inform us on your application if you come under any of the above categories. 

It is not possible to apply for your visa until 3 months before the start of your studies in Swansea.

Short Term Student - Non-EU/international students coming to Swansea University for 6 months or under may require a Short Term Student visa. The Go Global Team will issue you with a Short Term Student visa support letter that you must carry inside your passport when arriving in the United Kingdom, this letter will be sent to you as part of your acceptance package.  We will also provide students with detailed information on how to proceed with their visa applications.

If you do not need a visa, you can request for Short Term Student status on arrival at the airport in the UK. Make sure you see a Border Force officer at passport control to get your passport stamped for entry under Short Term Student status and avoid using the eGates.  

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: International students entering the UK from Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea & the United States of America must NOT use eGates for entry.  You are required to see a UK Border Force officer to obtain an entry stamp in your passport.

International students who do not obtain an entry stamp will not be able to study in the UK for longer than 30 days and will be required to leave the UK and seek re-entry in the correct category via a Border Force officer.  If your passport is not stamped, the University will not be able to enrol you and you will have to leave the UK.

WE RECOMMEND YOU DO NOT ENTER THE UK FROM THE REPUBLIC OF IRELAND(DUBLIN):  If you have opted to come into the UK via the Republic of Ireland, you may find that there is no Border Force Officer available to issue you with a Visa stamp. This can cause you problems as it will not be possible for you to evidence that you have the right to be in the UK if asked. The University can let you enrol for a temporary amount of time but you must leave the UK and re-enter, getting the correct visa stamp, within 3 months of your initial entrance. You should bring evidence of your travel (e.g. travel bookings, flight tickets, boarding pass) to enrolment to prove when you came into the UK. You will, by law, have to be suspended from the University if you have not rectified your immigration situation within those 3 months. For the reasons stated, you may prefer not to travel via the Republic of Ireland if you are choosing this visa route, as this will avoid any potential issues. Further information can be found on the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) website

Tier 4 (CAS) Visa - Non-EU/international students attending Swansea University for a full academic year or wishing to undertake any type of work/internship alongside their studies, will require a CAS (Certificate of Acceptance for Studies) to apply for a Tier 4 Visa.   Students will be contacted directly by Swansea University's Global Advancement Compliance Officer on the email supplied on the application form and requested to complete a Previous Studies Questionnaire form.  This form must be completed and submitted in order for a CAS to be issued.  You will also need a copy of the original transcript that you submitted to support your application to study at Swansea. Students will also receive detailed information, with their CAS certificate, on how to proceed with their visa applications.

US Federal Aid

If you are an American Citizen and attending Swansea University through a Study Abroad programme sponsored by your U.S. domestic school, your Federal student aid application for a short term, or a study abroad programme is processed by the your home institution in the U.S.

Swansea University is not authorised to certify student loans or deferments for U.S. study abroad students who only plan to attend for a semester or for a one year study abroad experience to earn credits that apply toward or transfer into a degree program in which the student is enrolled in the U.S.