GLIMPSE was a 5-year project supported by the Leverhulme Trust based in the Glaciology Group at the School of the Environment and Society, Swansea University.

Our mission statement

To improve predictions of the future impact of the Greenland ice sheet on the Earth system through high quality, collaborative research using fieldwork, remote sensing and modelling studies. This research will lead to a data legacy for future modelling and a knowledge base that will be disseminated to the academic community, policy makers and the general public.

Our aims

  • Quantify thinning of Greenland ice sheet margins and differentiate between changes due to surface mass balance and ice dynamics.
  • Identify the processes driving changes in ice dynamics for tidewater and land-based glaciers and ice streams.
  • Improve current models to better predict the contribution of Greenland ice to sea level rise and freshwater input to the North Atlantic.
  • Assess the implications for the Earth's climate system.