Admissions tutor, Dr Pyrs Gruffudd, gives his advice about what to include in your personal statement for geography courses. 

  • Tell us why you see yourself as a geographer – what made you passionate about the subject, and why do you want to study geography at university?
  • What topics have you particularly enjoyed studying so far, and why?
  • Do you see yourself mainly as a human or a physical geographer, or are you interested in the intersection between the two?
  • Tell us about any experience you’ve had of fieldwork or of project work and how it felt to apply, to real places or people, the ideas you’d learnt in class.
  • Have you read any books or magazines, watched programmes or films, or attended any lectures that have helped develop your interest and knowledge?
  • One of the beauties of geography is its potential breadth as a subject so tell us if you can see links between it and your other current subjects or passions  – not just methods and skills, but information and ideas.
  • Have you travelled (including on holidays) – at home or abroad – and seen geographical ideas ‘coming to life’? If so, feel free to share those experiences.
  • Have you worked or volunteered in any geography-related areas?  If your work or volunteering experience isn’t directly relevant then tell us about the broader skills that these experiences have given you (eg time management or team working).
  • We’re interested in you as a person and what you might contribute more widely to our community, so please tell us about your hobbies and what motivates you.  But focus most of your statement on information that’s relevant to the subject.
  • Proofread and check everything twice – ask other people to read through it and check there are no mistakes.
infographic showing Geography is in top 10 in the uk for student satisfaction