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Mallorca coastline by Adam Roberts
Student and Lecturer looking over Majorca coastline

The Mallorca Field Course is a sunny, week-long residential field trip concerned with identifying and defining geographical questions on the Balearic island of Mallorca, which serves as an example of a region with a Mediterranean climate. Only 2% of the Earth's terrestrial climate is classified as Mediterranean-type and applying relevant geographical skills, knowledge and techniques in such a unique climate is a key theme of the course. The general aims are to observe, analyse and achieve an understanding of the varied physical geographical landscapes - from limestone mountains to sandy, sun-soaked beaches - and the inherent human geographical features of Mallorca and the Mediterranean. Students taking this module will gain experience in research design, methodologies, data analysis and presentation methods, including seminars, posters and reports. Students taking this field course focus on the physical geography of the region and conduct specialist project work appropriate to their interests.

Mallorca field course
Mallorca field course
Mallorca coastline
Mallorca students