Grasshopper Sikkim 2016 Kaide Macaulay
Tea Gardens Sikkim 2016 Kaide Macaulay

Sikkim’s capital Gangtok, is a stunning city built on a steep slope with spectacular views of Kangchendzonga, the world’s 3rd highest mountain. The city is surrounded by subtropical rainforest, rice terraces, and is a paradise for butterflies and orchids. Gangtok is renowned as a centre for study of Buddhist philosophy and religion. 

Geography and Biosciences students get an opportunity to meet academics of Sikkim University, Buddhist monks, local politicians and Sikkim’s Ministers alongside group project work. Some examples include the monsoon phenomena, biogeography and biodiversity, eco-tourism, and migration.

Sikkim Vista
Sikkim balcony view
Sikkim buildings
Sikkim colourful building

Sally White

Sally White in Sikkim

'It really was the trip of a lifetime!'

In my 3rd year, I applied to take part in the interdisciplinary field trip to Sikkim in the Indian Himalayas. The group consisted of 5 students and 1 lecturer from biology, zoology, human and physical geography. It was amazing to get to meet such a wide range of people and lecturers. We were put into interdisciplinary teams, in order to work on a project and learn from each other. This was an invaluable experience at this point in my degree, as it meant I gained a different outlook to research. The activities while in Sikkim were extraordinary, one day we would be collecting water samples and invertebrate surveys at a hydroelectric dam, and the next day we would be meeting students from the Sikkim University. We were even lucky enough to be in Sikkim during the Indian festival of light, Diwali. The town was full of beautiful lights and brightly dressed people dancing.  It really was the trip of a lifetime and we all made friends for life.