After 3 years in the Geography Department at Swansea University, it’s safe to say that studying at Swansea was one of the best decisions I ever made. Geography is such a popular subject to study here in Swansea have made many good friends on my course on top of an already friendly and helpful environment that the staff provide in the department.  Over the course of 3 years, I was a member of the Geography Society, Athletics and Cross Country team and an Ambassador for the department for UCAS open/visit days.

The best thing about studying Geography is how the subject is so broad and the skill sets you learn and develop over the 3 years can be applied across many different business sectors!  I completed my degree and now work for an aviation company called Menzies Aviation on a management development graduate scheme in London Heathrow, working closely with the fuels and business development team of the company.  It goes to show that studying Geography can present you with fantastic opportunities after completing your degree where you could work in any type of industry. The skills I acquired over my 3 years have definitely helped me develop as a person and goes to show how studying Geography here at Swansea University is such a fantastic opportunity that shouldn’t be passed up.