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Blue sea

BSc Geography, Field Supervisor, Natural Area Consulting, Perth

I visited Perth on a working holiday and had a large variety of jobs including working on a camel farm. I was then fortunate enough to secure a job on Cocos Keeling island working on the clam farm working in aquaculture. I helped maintain the raceways, breed the clams, and learnt a lot about aquaculture as well as practical experience on the farm.

I moved back to Perth and joined the Natural Area Consulting Management Services as Field Crew, then later as Supervisor. My role involved erosion control, revegetation, weed control and pest management, seed collection (and propagation in our large nursery in Summer months), and various methods of site maintenance throughout the year.

I love the work I do and feel very lucky to have this job, and in this country. I love being outside (especially in the Australian hot weather), exploring new sites all the time, plenty of 4-wheel driving, meeting the locals (animals), hiking through the bush, and learning so much about the flora and fauna.

Advice to future students..... don't hold back! This degree can take you anywhere! Jump out of your comfort zone and take every opportunity that comes along. It's a big world out there, but there's so many possibilities and potential!