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BA Human Geography, Research Manager, Novo Executive

A-Level results day did not go to plan for me. I felt very much like I had made all the wrong decisions and it was a really worrying moment. However, I soon realised that this was not the end of the world and I had a lot of university/course options through the Clearing process.

It was easy to navigate this on the UCAS website and I phoned up a couple of universities, one of which was Swansea. The Human Geography course looked great to me, and I had heard good things about the university itself through friends and their older siblings. I spoke to Pyrs Gruffudd, Geography professor and Admissions tutor, and asked if I could join Swansea university to study Human Geography. Thankfully, he said yes!

Since then, I have enjoyed 3 years at Swansea, it hasn’t been without some hard work but I have made brilliant friends and have thoroughly enjoyed my course, particularly the trip to New York in my second year. I suppose the lesson I learned from my experience is that you can make something great out of something that seems terrible at the time. Swansea University has helped me to realise my potential in my academic work and as a person in general, and for that I am grateful.