Junior researcher at the BBC's Natural History Unit.

   Alice Mathias   

In my opinion I have the best job in the world! Working in live television is such a thrill and every day is always different. Being able to combine my love for animals and wildlife with this makes it even better.

The field trips I took part in whilst at Swansea were the highlight of my degree. I was lucky enough to visit Vancouver in Canada for two weeks to study the natural hazards there, and then Sikkim in India to study the local people and the natural hazards they faced there. If I hadn't have done this degree I would never have been to Sikkim as it is such a remote and unknown location I would have never thought to go. I had never been to Asia before so the culture shock on arrival was almost overwhelming, but they were the most beautiful two weeks learning about a completely different way of life that I won't soon forget

Swansea as a place to live was a total laugh (in a good way!). Having the beach right on the doorstep was fantastic and meant for lots of beach BBQs and rounders games. Wind Street Wednesdays will go down in history, as will Sin on Thursdays. Varisty was one of the highlights of the year, being able to watch Cardiff vs Swansea in the Millennium Stadium was quite a privilege.