GENCAS is an interdisciplinary research body working within the College of Arts and Humanities at Swansea University. GENCAS provides an interdisciplinary support mechanism for staff, students, administrators and others working at the university whose research interests involve gender issues. The Centre also forges and maintains a web of connections with relevant research groups at home and abroad, as well as supporting the university’s commitment to achieving gender equality across the academic community. 

Latest News and Updates

Recent Events:

Conference:  "Protean Desires: Queering the Body, Transforming the Text" - 22 April 2016

GENCAS research associate Professor Doctor Anne-Julia Zwierlein of the University of Regensburg visited Swansea University from 19-21 January 2015.  Read more >>> ‌ 

International Women's Day Conference, 7 March 2014.  Read the conference report here.

Revisiting the Sadeian Woman Conference, 11 April2014.  
Read the conference report here.