Romesh Bhattacharji

Romesh BhattacharjiRomesh Bhattacharji worked with the Government of India as an Indian Revenue Service member from October 1968 to November 2003. In the ten years before his retirement he worked with the Government of India supervising in different postings across North Western and North Eastern India. This role involved: Intelligence collection, preventing and detecting money laundering, illicit opium cultivation and controlling illicit opium cultivation, enforcement and Narcotics trafficking. He was also involved in formulating Narcotics policies and their implementation, working with international Narcotics agencies, improving morphine availability for sufferers and assisting treatment centres.  After retirement he has been raising humane drug issues in public and commenting on this issue in India and abroad.  His list of publications include: Opium Cultivation in AfghanistanForest Rights for opium cultivators in the North East of India, Afghanistan's narcotics dilemma - a possible solutionAfghanistan- narcotics and the TalebanEffectiveness of New Narcs Laws in PortugalThe Narco-Politics of Afghanistan, Narcotics: Attacking the addict, ignoring the trafficker