Swansea University

Welcome to Procurement

The Procurement team are located on the first floor of the Finance Building

Welcome to the Procurement's external pages for Swansea University. These pages are designed to provide information to potential suppliers. University staff should click here to access the internal Procurement page.

What and how the University procures goods and services is vital to it realising its wider strategic vision. In spending £100m a year on goods and services such as IT, laboratory supplies, cleaning services, travel, research equipment, consultancy services and construction, the University must ensure value for money and compliance.

Whilst the central Procurement team undertake responsibility for all high value procurement activity (>£25,000), the University operates a devolved budgeting system under which the responsibility for low value (<£25,000) day-to-day purchasing is delegated to the colleges and professional services units as they are best placed to make decisions to meet the operational needs.

To contact Procurement email procurement@swansea.ac.uk