Swansea University

Clinical Trials and Insurance Issues

Want to find out more about Clinical Trial coverage or what to put on your LREC form regarding indemnities? The following information should help you.

Swansea University has automatic cover for all research and Clinical Trials involving healthy volunteers, with very few exceptions.

 Take a look at the Clinical Trial Project Referral Map to see what type of trial you are involved in.

If you are involved in Clinical Trial Research and need to check on cover, please contact the Insurance Administrator, Alison Spence. Contact her by e-mail, insurance@swansea.ac.uk or by telephone on +44 (0)1792(29)5434.

What types of research is included in our standard cover?

The following research conducted within the United Kingdom is automatically covered:

  • Questionnaires
  • Venepuncture
  • Measurements of physiological processes
  • Collections of body secretions by non invasive methods
  • Intake of foods or nutrients or variation of diet (other than administration of 
  • Psychological activity

For all other research involving Human Participants please refer to and if necessary complete the Questionnaire provided here, http://www.umal.co.uk/pdf/MembersArea-ClinicalTrial-Questionnaire2009-RefCT09-10-DraftAmended-23-11-2009.pdf

 Any completed Questionnaire should be returned to the Insurance Administrator, in the first instance. It is then sent onto our insurers for discussion by underwriters. In a few cases, this may  involve an additional premium for cover, payable by the College undertaking the research.

From August 1st 2017, there is a change to the governance process required for the University to agree to be the Research Sponsor of a research project. If you wish the University to Sponsor your project, and therefore have insurance cover considered for it, you should contact the Research governance office, based within Research, Engagement & Innovation Services, as early as possible. Further information on the process and requirements are avaialble via:http://www.swansea.ac.uk/reis/supportforacademics/governance/