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Time Allocation Survey

Time Allocation Survey (TAS)

Introduction to Time Allocation Survey (TAS)

The Transparency Review is a government-initiated costing exercise, which universities are obliged to undertake. A part of this requires the use of academic staff time to allocate staff costs over Teaching, Research and Other Activities.

The University must achieve a minimum return rate of 90% from academic staff to be able to comply with the HRMC requirement allowing the University to use TAS as part of the VAT calculations on buildings.

Academic staff are required to complete 3 returns every year. The return covers 2 semesters and the summer period.

Confidentiality of individual’s returns is maintained by staff from the Finance Department. Other staff will only be given return data for Schools or Departments.

The route to access the Time Allocation Survey (TAS) website is as follows;                            

Log on to the intranet - Staff Information – Time Allocation Survey.

You can register to access the intranet here: https://intranet.swan.ac.uk/login/

Once you have accessed the TAS form you will be able to view;

Activity definitions

Tips for completion of TAS return and FAQs

Aide memoire – to aid calculation of percentages

Timetable for return period

If you have any queries please contact TRAC Support by e-mail, trac-support@swansea.ac.uk.