Building Support Services

Our dedicated team of staff offers a quality service delivered by friendly and efficient staff across all University buildings. Building Support Services covers the following areas:

Building Services

  • We provide a porter service to University premises during building opening hours, including teaching and events; unlocking and locking rooms and providing a presence if required. Provision of service outside normal working hours may incur a charge. We support the maintenance team with minor tasks and repairs.
  • We are also responsible for: collecting and delivering mail; keeping public areas (such as reception foyers, staircases and centrally bookable rooms) clean and well presented; removing rubbish; clearing up minor spillages and reporting concerns.

Building Checks

  • We complete weekly audits on lifts, central lighting and refuge area phones and fire alarm testing.

Teaching Rooms

  • We ensure that teaching rooms are set up each day to the required standard; arranging furniture correctly, removing old or broken furniture and lost property, and ensuring whiteboards are clean.


  • During exam period we set up rooms ready for examinations and provide essential support to the examinations office.


  • We offer essential event support for a wide range of events including Open Days, Student Arrivals, Graduation... We are responsible for ensuring that event spaces are set up correctly as instructed by the event organiser, and provide customer focussed support during the event as required. 
  • We are responsible for ensuring that spaces are set up correctly and provide customer focussed support.

Small Furniture and Equipment Moves

  • We respond to client requests through risk assessed works orders which do not raise manual handling issues.

Ordering Building Support Services

If you would like help with building support services, please raise a request through the TAWE help desk.

* Please note that requests for building cover and for movement of items must be submitted 48 hours in advance.

* Please include a detailed and accurate description of items to be moved. This is to ensure that an appropriate risk assessment can take place and that the job can be planned into the daily work load.

*If a job is considered unsuitable for our porter team, an explanation will be given, along with advice on any alternatives you may wish to consider.

* Please also note that some porter provision may incur a charge. This will be discussed with you in advance.



We would like to hear your feedback on our service. Please email us with your comments and thoughts at: