Power IC Technology Development


  • Carry out work in the area of power IC technology development, especially advanced device concepts, isolation devices and techniques, integrated sensors, Power IC applications
  • Carry out work related to device and circuit testing and characterisation
  • Carry out work related to development of 1D and 2D electro - thermal compact models of various modern power devices and employ them for power loss estimation

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Research tools

Power IC Technology Research Tools

  • SILVACO commercial semiconductor technology and device simulator
  • TCAD Studio 2D FE device and technology simulator 

Funding awards

  • Power System on Chip Technology Development - TONIC, Dr Petar Igic – Principal Investigator, sponsor: TSB
  • Inverter Loss Simulation, Dr Petar Igic – Principal Investigator, sponsor: TOYOTA Motor Corporation
  • EPSRC Advanced Research Fellowship – Power IC Technology Development, Dr Petar Igic – Principal Investigator, sponsor: EPSRC
  • CDMOS IC Process Development, Dr Petar Igic – Principal Investigator, sponsor: Welsh Government


Laboratories and facilities include a Design and Modelling Laboratory equipped with multi-licenses for the industrial standard SILVACO TCAD software, CADENCE design tool, PSPICE and MATLAB software; well-equipped Device Characterization Laboratory, general purpose Power Electronics Laboratory, and Advanced Device Characterization Laboratory.

Selected publications

Power IC Technology Research Tools Testing Output Characteristics

Selected Publications:

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