How do I enrol online - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login for the first time?

Your user id is your student number and default password is set to your student number and date of birth. For example, if your student number is 123456 and date of birth is 1st June 1995, type user id "123456" and password "123456/01/06/1995". After logging in you will agree to a data protection and terms and conditions statement. Change your password before proceeding to enrol online.

Who enrols online

  • All students studying in the UK or abroad or at apartner institution are expected to login to the intranet and enrol online

When do I enrol

  • At the start of each year of your course you will be expected to enrol.For the majority of students this will be in September when online enrolment opens for courses starting in September or October 
  • If you are on a year out, you can enrol earlier in August, we will send you an email reminder to enrol online.
  • For health, medicine, LPC/GDL, English language training, adult education, exchange, visiting and research students starting in other months, browse Early and other Enrolment Events timetable

How do I enrol online

  • Login to the University Intranet, click on the green arrow and follow the step-by-step instructions until you reach the last tab. at the end of the process you should see a message and receive an email confirming you have enrolled.

What if I have a tuition fee to pay?

  • During online enrolment you can pay the first instalment by card online or set up a direct debit and pay your tuition fee later in three instalments.
  • International students must pay at least 50% of their fee in order to enrol.
  • If you intend to pay by direct debit online you should have a UK current bank account in your name and transfer funds to that account before the first payment is due. 

What if I cannot enrol online?

If for any reason you cannot enrol online, phone or email our help desk, open Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm (closed Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays) and a member of staff will answer your questions. 

Staff will also be available to answer your questions at one of the enrolment helpdesk venues.

Online enrolment

To enrol online log in to the intranet here and to start click on the green arrow oppposite your course: 

  • Agree to be a student at Swansea University and abide by the academic guide regulations and the data protection statement.
  • Provide your UK term time address and postcode, otherwise provide your study abroad term address.
  • Check and update your student record, personal data, home address and module selection (where appropriate).
  • If you are liable to pay a fee, make a payment by card or pay later by setting up a direct debit online.
  • Online enrolment FAQ

Online enrolment helpdesk

You may need to attend if you fall into into one or more of these categories:

  • You are an international non-EU student studying in the UK.
  • If you have been requested to present your original entry qualification certificates to Admissions, for example your bachelor degree.
  • You have a query about paying a fee or your student record, personal data, course, modules, tuition fee, student loan or other funding.
  • You cannot complete online enrolment and need help.
Enrolment Helpdesk Venues
DateOpenBay CampusPark Campus

21 Sep



FH Refectory

22-23 Sep




24 Sep

09:00-17:00 GH FH Refectory

25-27 Sep

09:00-16:00 GH FH Refectory

28 Sep

09:00-13:00 GH FH Refectory

1 Oct

09:00-17:00 TC Foyer Park Library

2-4 Oct

10:00-16:00 TC Foyer Park Library

5 Oct



  • GH 001 - Great Hall Room 001, Ground floor, Bay Campus map building 7
  • FH Refectory - Fulton House Refectory, First floor, Singleton Park Campus map building 17
  • SA - Singleton Abbey MyuniHub, Singleton Park campus map building 2.1
  • TIC - Tower Information Centre, MyUniHub reception, Bay campus map building 2

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