There are many different types of research which may be available for your particular Care Home. Participating in research can range from distributing leaflets about research to residents to helping conduct studies. The aim of supporting research is to help improve the quality of life for residents and other people living with dementia or other illnesses in Care Homes.

Most of the benefits of taking part in research will relate to each specific study in which you decide to take part in. 

  • Research may lead to better links with community services and other local Care Home networks
  • New developments in providing care may reach your Care Home that are useful to everyday practice
  • Research may assist in promoting your Care Home and lets residents and their families know your Care Home is actively involved in providing evidence-based practice.
  • Research may contribute towards staff continuous professional development and Nurse’s re-validation.

Benefits of joining ENRICH Cymru include:

  • Regular updates about upcoming research opportunities in Wales
  • Endorsement on the Care Home website to promote your Care Home to prospective residents and their families.
  • Access to free online training 
  • Opportunities to attend research and training events 


Joining the ENRICH Cymru network:

If a home wishes to join the ENRICH network, an ENRICH team member will contact the home manager to provide more information about the network, answer questions and to check that the home meets the network’s requirements. Ask your National Research Coordinator about ways to get involved:

Stephanie Green 01792 603024 or Email