Students at graduation

Swansea will always have a special place in my heart

Alessandra Cingi


'My undergraduate degree at Swansea University has been extremely beneficial to me in gaining a place on a Speech and Language Therapy course. Several modules that I studied are very similar to the modules that I will be studying in September and so it will give me a great advantage.' 'I also believe that having a degree in English Language has contributed to me gaining a place on the SLT course as places are very limited and competitive.

Samantha Louise Thomas

"I remember my very first visit to Swansea University… what struck me straight away was the stunning location of the campus, nestled in beautiful Singleton Park, and overlooking Swansea Bay. A truly inspiring setting! And I also loved the idea of a single campus with all services and everything you need in one place - and at the same time compact enough to have everything at hand. When I started on my programme, I certainly wasn’t disappointed: all of the lecturers were knowledgeable, approachable and friendly, always ready to help. The study pace was intense, but it felt empowering to start learning about different aspects of linguistics, and seeing how it all fits together in a wider picture. What a satisfaction!  Swansea will always have a special place in my heart. The friendly, warm atmosphere I have found here, combined with the high quality of teaching, has contributed to making the past three years the happiest, fullest, most rewarding period of my life. I am now an English Language teacher."
Alessandra Cingi