'One of my biggest dreams came true when I received a letter that I’d been admitted to Swansea University. I’ve always wanted to study in UK and when I came across Swansea University website, I knew I wouldn’t have found a better place to study. I chose TEFL for my Master degree as it was a continuation of my undergraduate course and the exact area of study I’m interested in.  I met inspiring lecturers and teachers who were passionate about the subjects they thought and did their very best to pass on their enormous knowledge to their students.  I was given a lot of opportunities to participate in group projects, discussions where we could share our opinions and learn from each other. This highly developed my critical thinking and broadened my view on different matters. It assured me about the wisdom of my choice. I will always remember people I spent the whole year with, not only studying, but also enjoying Swansea and sharing unforgettable moments. Swansea University was definitely the best choice I could have ever made as far as my education and professional training are concerned.'

- Paulina Lewkiewicz



'Studying abroad has always been one of my dreams. My friends have always told me that the period studying as a student is the most enjoyable time in life. I didn't really believe it till I started my MA course at the Swansea University. The course in Teaching English As a Foreign Language (TEFL) helped me to deepen my knowledge in that field. All of the lecturers I had a chance to meet were really helpful, motivating and friendly. They were professional and possessed a great knowledge of what they teach. The modules offered include theory as well as practice. The facilities provided by the University, such as computer rooms and the library were great as well and well equipped. I really regret that the time I spent in Swansea is now over now. It was a great experience for me and gave me a chance to meet and make friends with many people from all over the world.'
Anna Marie Poczta