The Zienkiewicz Centre for Computational Engineering operates a joint seminar series with the Computational Modelling cluster of the Wales Institute for Mathematical and Computational Sciences (WIMCS). The seminar series consist of a mixture of distinguished invited speakers and internal speakers from the Zienkiewicz Centre for Computational Engineering. The theme of the seminar series is intended to be the development, analysis and application of computational techniques in engineering and applied science.

The following postgraduate students from the ZCCE are in charge of organising the Research Seminars:
- Scott Bagwell
- Guillem Barroso

If you would like to find out further details about these seminars, or are interested in giving a seminar yourself please contact Dr. Rubén Sevilla. Check also our Facebook page.



10.00, Monday-5-November-2018 GH022

Prof. Francesco Migliavacca
Dr. José Félix Rodriguez Matas

Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Double seminar

Stent Modelling

GPU accelerated solver for nonlinear reaction–diffusion systems. Application to the electrophysiology problem

14.00, Wednesday-21-November-2018



Dr Anil Anthony Bharath, Imperial College London


Seminars in 2018-19

15.00, Friday 5-October-2018 GH 011 Dr Timur Gamilov,  Laboratory of Mathematical Modelling, Sechenov University, Russia 1D Modelling for the Fractional Flow Reserve: problems and parameters estimation
14.00, Thursday 27-September-2018 ESRI 101 (First floor) Prof Ralf Landgraf, Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany Modelling and simulation of acrylic bone cement curing within the framework of vertebroplasty
15.00, Thursday 20-September-2018 Engineering Central B003 Dr. Marlon Franke, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany Energy-momentum preserving time integrators for coupled problems: thermo- and electro-mechanics
14.00, Wednesday 5-September-2018  Engineering Central B003 Prof Christian Hesch
University of Siegen, Germnay
Variational space-time formulations


Seminars in 2017-18

14.00, Wednesday
ESRI 101 (First floor)

Prof Peter King
Imperial College London, UK

Upscaling flow in heterogeneous porous media

14.00, Wednesday
ESRI 001 (Ground floor)

Prof Luis Dorfmann, Tufts University, USA

Modeling of residually stressed materials

14.00, Thursday
ESRI 101

Dr P. H. Maire,



Cell-centered Finite Volume methods for solving the Lagrangian form of gas dynamics and solid mechanics equations on unstructured grids

14.00, Tuesday
GH 022

Prof Makoto Ohta

Dr Hitomi Anzai

Mr Yuta Muramoto


Tohoku University, Japan

Multiple ZCCE Seminar

Bio-model for permorming mechanical testing of endovascular devices

Exploring stent design from Computaitonal Fluid Dynamics

Drilling of acrylic composite materials towards the development of a new bone bio-model

13.30, Monday
Engineering Central B003

Prof Toshiro Ohashi

Hokkaido University, Japan

Development of bio-MEMS devices towards high throughput cell culture study
10.25, Friday 2-February-2018 Engineering Central B004

Dr Irene Vignon-Clementel

Institut National De Recherche en Informatique et Automatique (INRIA)

Data driven choice of reduced model parametrization of multi-scale cardiovascular and respiratory applications

Part of the III Annual ZCCE PhD Workshop

9.30, Friday 2-February-2018 Engineering Central B004

Professor Greg Dimitriadis

University of Liege

Experimental non-linear aeroelasticity

Part of the III Annual ZCCE PhD Workshop

11.35, Thursday 1-February-2018 Engineering Central B004

Professor John Whiteman

Brunel University London

Acoustic localisation of coronary artery disease; computational and experimental aspects

Part of the III Annual ZCCE PhD workshop

10.40, Thursday 1-February-2018 Engineering Central B004

Professor George N. Barakos

University of Glasgow

Fundamental CFD research supporting practical aerospace applications

Part of the III Annual ZCCE PhD workshop

14.00,Wednesday 6-December-2017 Engineering Central B001

Dr Régis Cottereau, Université Paris-Saclay, France

Wave propagation in random media: technical issues and physical insights

Wednesday, 29-November-2017, 6pm Bay Campus, Great Hall 043

Professor Dame Ann Dowling, University of Cambridge

President of the Royal Academy of Engineering

Towards a Silent Aircraft

This talk is part of the Inaugural Zienkiewicz Lecture 2017

31-October-2017, 1.30pm
Great Hall 029 Prof Chris Jones, BAE Systems

Future Challenges for Electromagnetics Hazards Protection of Aircraft

4-October-2017, 11am
Engineering Central B001 Dr Ryo Torii, University College London

Applications of computational biomechanics to coronary arteries in health, disease and post-intervention

20-September-2017, 1.30pm
Engineering Central B003 Markus Mehnert, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany

Towards continuum thermo-electro-mechanical modeling

13-September-2017, 1pm
Engineering Central B003 Vu Ngoc Khiem, RWTH Acchen University, Germany

Unified analytical network averaging theory and its applications in rubber multi-physics

Thursday, 7-September-2017, 2pm Engineering Central B003 Prof Gyan N Pande, Emeritus Professor, Swansea University


Self-learning Intelligent Finite Elements and their Applications

Seminar 2: Embedding AI in FE code and applications

Slides available here

Tuesday, 5-September-2017, 2pm Engineering Central B003 Prof Gyan N Pande, Emeritus Professor, Swansea University


Self-learning Intelligent Finite Elements and their Applications

Seminar 1: Artificial Intelligence Demystified for Engineers

Slides available here

23-August-2017, 2pm
 Engineering Central B003  Prof Massimiliano Gei, Cardiff School of Engineering  Homogeneous and composite soft dielectric elastomer actuators: instabilities, homogeneization and performance optimisation


Seminars in 2016-17

14.00, Thursday 20-July-2017 Engineering Central B001  Jose Manuel Navarro, Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, Spain.

Efficient integration within the 3D Cartesian grid Finite Element Method

Wednesday 19-July-2017 Engineering Central B001

Tsinghua University

Prof ZL Liu; Prof ZH Xiang; Prof X Zhang; Prof Y Liu; Prof YX Ren; Prof Z Zhuang

Swansea University

Prof AJ Gil; Dr WG Dettmer; Dr M Ellero; Dr PD Ledger; Dr S Pant; Prof E de Souza Neto; Dr H Haddadkhodaparast


4th Swansea-Tsinghua University Workshop for Computational Engineering

10.00, Tuesday 18-July-2017 Engineering Central B001

Prof Z Zhuang, Tsinghua University, China.

Discrete dislocation source controlled crystal plasticity flow stress theory at micron-submicron-scale.

14.30, Wednesday 5-July-2017 Engineering Central B004

Alexander Janz, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Institute of Mechanics, Karlsruhe, Germany.

Energy-momentum consistent time integration schemes based on a polyconvex
framework for non-linear (thermal)-elastodynamics

14.00, Tuesday 6-June-2017 Engineering Central B001

Dr Juan Jose Rodenas, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (Spain)

From recovery-based h adaptivity to automatic patient specific FE simulations. The Cartesian grid finite element method – cgFEM

16.25, Wednesday 31-May-2017 Engineering Central B001

Dr Sanjay Pant, College of Engineering, Swansea University

Inverse problems, model identifiability, and uncertainty consideration in
models of blood-flow

Part of theMathematics – Engineering Research Workshop

16.00, Wednesday 31-May-2017 Engineering Central B001

Dr Alexander Shaw, College of Engineering, Swansea University

Handling nonlinearity in engineering dynamics

Part of theMathematics – Engineering Research Workshop

15.20, Wednesday 31-May-2017 Engineering Central B001

Dr Pawel Dlotko, Department of Mathematics, Swansea University

T-Omega formulation of discrete geometrical approach to Maxwell's

Part of theMathematics – Engineering Research Workshop

14.55, Wednesday 31-May-2017 Engineering Central B001  Dr Nelly Villamizar, Department of Mathematics, Swansea University

Multivariate spline approximation: algebraic tools and applications

Part of the Mathematics – Engineering Research Workshop

14.00, Thursday 18-May-2017 Engineering Central B001

Eliab Ricarte Beserra, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ocean energy in Brazil

14.00, Wednesday 15-May-2017 Engineering Central B001

Dr Gary Mirams, Nottingham University

Cardiac electrophysiology modelling for drug safety testing

14.00, Wednesday 10-May-2017 Engineering Central B003

Dr Catherine Powell, Manchester University

Adaptive Stochastic Galerkin FEMs: Accurate error estimation & fast solvers

14.00, Tuesday 25-April-2017 Engineering Central B003

Prof Arnaud Malan, University of Cape Town

Toward improve non-linear aerolastic modelling for design

14.00, Wednesday 5-April-2017 Engineering Central B004

Prof Stanislaw Stupkiewicz,

Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland

Size-dependent microstructures: sharp- and diffuse-interface modelling

Engineering Central B003

Milan Ťapajna

'Mystery' of oxide/III-N interfaces in GaN Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor

Heterojunctions: Selected Physical Aspects and Characterization

14:00, Wednesday 22-March-2017 ESRI 001 (ground floor)

Prof Hadi Hajibeygi, Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)

Acceptable solutions to uncertain subsurface flow equations: Algebraic Dynamic Multilevel Multiscale (ADM) Method

14:00, Wednesday 15-February-2017 Engineering Central B001 Dr Ludovic Renson, Bristol University

Exploring the dynamics of nonlinear experiments using control-based continuation

16:00, Wednesday 8-February-2017 Engineering Central B003 Prof Roger Tanner, The University of Sydney, Australia

Elongational flow of non-Brownian suspensions

Joint seminar with SPEC

14:00,Wednesday 8-February-2017 ESRI 001 (ground floor) Dr Steven Niederer, Imperial College

Linking physiology and cardiology through mathematical models

17:30-18:30, Thursday 2-February-2017 ESRI 001 (ground floor) Prof Abukar S Bahaj, University of Southampton

Public lecture:
Sustainable energy across scales

Free drinks reception at 17:00

11.00-12:00, Thursday 2-February-2017 Engineering Central B004 Prof Spencer Sherwin, Imperial College, UK

Development and analysis of spectral/hp element techniques for high Reynolds number flow simulations relevant to Formula One.

Part of the II Annual ZCCE PhD workshop.

See the full programme.

10.00-11:00, Thursday 2-February-2017 Engineering Central B004 Mr Duncan Nicholson, Arup Group, UK

The innovation process in geotechnical engineering.

Part of the II Annual ZCCE PhD workshop.

See the full programme.

14:30-15:30, Wednesday 1-February-2017 Engineering Central B004 Mr Clint Davies Taylor, Dassault Systemes UK

From solve to innovate: use of power of the portfolio.

Part of the II Annual ZCCE PhD workshop.

See the full programme.

10:40-12:00, Wednesday 1-February-2017 Engineering Central B004 Prof Wing Kam Liu, Northwestern University, USA

Modelling and simulation challenges in materials design for additive manufacturing applications.

Part of the II Annual ZCCE PhD workshop.

See the full programme.

14.00,Wednesday 7-December-2016 Engineering Central B001 Dr Andrew Rees,
University of Bath

The modelling and computation of flow and convection of a Bingham fluid in porous media

14.00,Wednesday 30-November-2016 Engineering Central B001 Dr Joseph Anthony,
University of Leeds

Why is it difficult process materials in particulate form?: new scientific understandings

Joint seminar with Materials Research Centre

14.00,Thursday 24-November-2016 Engineering Central B001 Dr Jim Parr,
McLaren Applied Technologies: from F1 to healthcare
14.00,Wednesday 9-November-2016 ESRI 001
(Ground floor)
Dr Régis Cottereau, Université Paris-Saclay, France Upscaling of the wave equation and strong localization in a ballasted railway track
16.00, Tuesday 1-November-2016 Engineering Central B003 Carl Brookes
Ramboll, Southampton

Computational modelling in Civil Engineering

Download the slides

14.00, Wednesday 12-October-2016 Engineering Central B001 Dr John Brigham, Durham University From concrete to the cardiovascular system: computational mechanics for engineering inverse problems
14.00, Wednesday 5-October-2016 Engineering Central B001 Dr Andrew Barlow,
Atomic Weapons Establishment
Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian methods for modelling high-speed multi-material flows


Seminars in 2015-16


4pm, Monday
ESRI 101
Seminar Room
Dr Jonathan Mynard, Murdoch Childrens Institute

Multi-scale modelling of coronary haemodynamics: design, validation and insights

11am, Friday
ESRI 101
Seminar Room
Dr Ikumu Watanabe, National Institute for Materials Science, Japan

Multi-scale finite element modelling in structural materials

3.30pm, Monday
ESRI 001
Ground floor
Prof Michael Sacks, University of Texas at Austin

The Valve Interstitial Cell: From cellular biophysics to surgical repair

1pm, Friday
ESRI 101 Bill Hewlett
Technical Director at Costain

Meeting National Needs as a Civil Engineer

2pm, Wednesday
ESRI 101 Dr Benjamin Almquist
Faculty of Engineering & Department of bioengineering
Imperial College

Engineering the Interface with Biology: Adventures in Space and Time

2pm, Monday
Engineering Central B001 Dr Polina Prokopovich
Cardiff University

Biomaterials for orthopaedic applications: challenges and novel approaches

ESRI 001 Prof Jonathan Cooper
Faculty of EngineeringThe University of Bristol

Aeroelasticity - Exploiting aircraft flexibility for improved aircraft performance

(Annual ZCCE Student Workshop)

ESRI 001 Dr Jenny Brown
National Oceanographic Centre

Waves, surge & coastal vulnerability

(Annual ZCCE Student Workshop)

2.05pm, Wednesday
Engineering Central B004 Prof Shahrokh Shahpar
Aerothermal Design Systems
Rolls Roycs, Derby

Role of simulation and optimisation in design

(Annual ZCCE Student Workshop)

1.10pm, Wednesday
Engineering Central B004 Dr Bindi Brook
School of Mathematical Sciences
The University of Nottingham

Interactions of cell-scale and tissue-scale mechanics in asthmatic airways

(Annual ZCCE Student Workshop)

2pm, Wednesday 13-January-2016 Engineering Central B004 Dr Katherine Fraser
Department of Bioengineering
Imperial College

Bleeding hearts: Improving mechanical circulatory support

1pm, Wednesday 25-November-2015 Engineering Central B001 Dr Alberto Gambaruto
University of Bristol

Transport in physiological flows

2pm, Wednesday 21-October-2015 ESRI 101 Dr Bo Liu
Department of Computing
Glyndwr University

Modern optimisation techniques and their applications to simulation-driven engineering design automation

SLIDES available here

2pm, Wednesday 7-October-2015 ESRI 001 Dr Paul Ledger
College of Engineering
Swansea University
Towards finding hidden metallic targets using polarizability tensors
2pm, Wednesday 30-September-2015 Engineering Central, B001 Dr Zhongzhao Teng
Department of Radiology and Department of Engineering, Cambridge University
Looking beyond luminal stenosis


Seminars in 2014-15

3pm, Thursday 25-June-2015 Faraday B Dr Santiago Badia
On a highly scalable finite element framework for unstructured LES simulations of incompressible flows
1pm, Friday 29-May-2015 ZCCE Lecture Theatre Dr Dominic Gallagher
Photon Design Ltd
Oxford, UK
A comparison of FDTD, FETD, EME and BPM simulation methods for photonics - Choosing and algorithm
Thursday 9-April-2015 and Friday 10-April-2015 Faraday Building, Rooms A, K, L, M Several speakers, including
Prof Jaime Peraire
Prof Rainald Löhner
Prof Luca Formaggia
Prof Jörg Schröder
23rd ACME Conference
2-5pm, Wednesday 8-April-2015 Faraday Building, Room A Prof Ken Morgan
Dr Antonio J Gil
Dr Rubén Sevilla
Dr Paul D Ledger
4th ACME School
2pm, Tuesday 3-March-2015 ZCCE Lecture Theatre Dr Gwenael Gabart
University of Southampton
A comparison of wave-based and high-order polynomial methods for wave propagation problems
11.30am, Friday 6-February-2015 ZCCE Lecture Theatre Dr Athanasios A Pantelous
University of Liverpool
Random vibration of linear systems with singular mass matrices
12.15pm, Friday 6-February-2015 ZCCE Lecture Theatre Prof Michael Beer
University of Liverpool
Dealing with vague and imprecise information in engineering
2pm, Tuesday 20-January-2015  ZCCE Lecture Theatre Dr Hadrien Beriot
SIEMENS industry software
High-order methods for tackling acoustic problems
2.15pm, Wednesday 5-November-2014 ZCCE Lecture Theatre Dr Susanne Claus
Department of Mathematics
University College London
CutFEM: a novel stabilised XFEM approach
2pm, Wednesday 5-November-2014 ZCCE Lecture Theatre Postgraduate poster award ceremony - Rogelio Ortigosa. Winner of the Y2 competition (poster & picture)
- Roman Poya. Winner of the Y1 competition (poster & picture)
1pm, Wednesday 29-October-2014 ZCCE Lecture Theatre Dr Gibin Powathil
College of Science
Swansea University
Bystander effects and their implications for clinical radiation therapy: A mathematical modelling approach
2pm, Tuesday, 28-October-2014 ZCCE Lecture Theatre Dr José Luis Perez
Universidad de Granada
Applications of non-linear finite elements and discrete methods
2pm, Wednesday 15-October-2014 ZCCE Lecture Theatre Dr Bjornar Sandnes
College of Engineering
Swansea University
Multiphase flow patterns revealed in experiments and simulations
2-5pm, Thursday 18-September-2014 ZCCE Lecture Theatre - Year 1 PhD students
- Year 1 & 2 EngD
Postgraduate poster session
2-5pm, Wednesday 17-September-2014 ZCCE Lecture Theatre - Year 2 & 3 PhD students
- Year 3 & 4 EngD
Postgraduate poster session
2.30pm, Tuesday 2-September-2014 ZCCE Lecture Theatre Matt A. Price,
Institute of High Performance Computing, Singapore
Numerical modelling of explosive detonations and airblast for risk assessment
2pm, Tuesday 2-September-2014 ZCCE Lecture Theatre Angel Leon,
Ecole Centrale Nantes, France
PGD method for solving the Poisson equation and its application on the ATP process 
2pm, Thursday 28-August-2014 ZCCE Lecture Theatre Alessandro Franci,
International Centre for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE)
Unified Lagrangian formulation for fluid-structure interaction problems with thermal coupling using PFEM


Seminars in 2013-14


2pm, Tuesday 15-July-2014 ZCCE Lecture Theatre Professor Nick DoddDepartment of Civil Engineering, University of Nottingham The mathematics of morphodynamic pattern formation
Thusdary 10-July-2014
08:30h - 13:00h
ZCCE Lecture Theatre Dr. Ettore Barbieri, Univerisy of London
Dr. Fehmi Cirak, Cambridge University
Dr. Grégory Legrain, Ecole Centrale Nantes
Dr. Rubén Sevilla, Swansea University
Dr. Robert Simpson, Glasgow University
Bridging the gap between computational geometry and analysis
2pm, Wednesday 2-July-2014 ZCCE Lecture Theatre Dr. Josep M Carbonell,
International Centre for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE)
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Possibilities of the PFEM in non-linear solid mechanics
2pm, Wednesday 25-June-2014 ZCCE Lecture Theatre Dr. Jordi Alastruey
Imaging Sciences and Biomedical Engineering Division, King's College London
Reduced modelling of blood flow in the cardiovascular system
2pm, Wednesday 4-June-2014 ZCCE Lecture Theatre Dr. Andrew Comerford
Department of Aeronautics,
Imperial College London
Image-based modelling of water and LDL transport in the rat aortic wall
11am, Thursday 29-May-2014 Executive Boardroom Prof. Hermann G Matthies,
Institute of Scientific Computing
Technische Universität Braunschweig
Non-intrusive uncertainty quantification and inverse problems
2pm, Wednesday 28-May-2014 ZCCE Lecture Theatre Prof. Antonio Huerta
Laboratori de Càlcul Numèric, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
College of Engineering, Swansea University
Advances in Proper Generalized Decomposition for parametrized geometry, materials, boundary conditions,...
2pm, Wednesday 21-May-2014 ZCCE Lecture Theatre Dr. Ashraf W Khir
Brunel Institute for Bioengineering, Brunel University
Wave speed and wave intensity in the arterial system
2pm, Tuesday 6-May-2014 ZCCE Lecture Theatre Mr. Abhishek Kundu
College of Engineering, Swansea University
Efficient uncertainty propagation schemes for dynamical systems with stochastic finite element analysis
2pm, Monday
ZCCE Lecture Theatre Dr. Chun Hean Lee
ASTUTE, College of Engineering, Swansea University
A stabilised Petrov-Galerkin formulation for linear tetrahedral elements in Lagrangian fast solid mechanics
2pm, Tuesday
ZCCE Lecture Theatre Dr. Alejandro Diaz de la O
Institute of Risk and Uncertainty, University of Liverpool
Probabilistic methods for inverse problems in Engineering
4pm, Monday
Faraday A Ronald Ayers MBE,
Head of Performance on the BLOODHOUND SSC project
Supersonic cars
2pm, Thursday 27-March-2014 ZCCE Lecture Theatre Dr. Hammed Haddad Khodaparast, College of Engineering, Swansea University Stochastic Model Updating in Structural Dynamics: Probabilistic and Non-Probabilistic methods
3pm, Thursday 6-March-2014 ZCCE Lecture Theatre Dr. Ing. Roland Wuchner
Technical University of Munich, Germany
Computational fluid-structure interaction in wind engineering
2pm, Thursday 20-February-2014 ZCCE Lecture Theatre Prof. Michael Friswell
College of Engineering, Swansea University
Modelling and optimisation of morphing aircraft
2pm, Wednesday 29-January-2014 MNC Seminar Room Dr. Marco Ellero
College of Engineering, Swansea University
Smoothed particle dynamics simulations of complex fluids
2pm, Wednesday 11-December-2013 ZCCE Lecture Theatre Dr. Ettore Barbieri
School of Engineering and Material Science, Queen Mary University of London
Distance fields and meshfree methods: new ideas for 3D fracture
2pm, Wednesday 4-December-2013 MNC Seminar Room Dr. Guangtao Fu
Centre for Water Systems, University of Exeter
Multi-objective Evolutionary Optimisation of Complex Water Systems
2pm, Wednesday 13-November-2013 MNC Seminar Room Mr. Chennakesava Kadapa
C2EC Research Centre, Swansea University
Mixed Galerkin and Least-Squares formulations for Isogeometric analysis
2pm, Wednesday 30-October-2013 ZCCE Lecture Theatre Mr. Patrick Wlodarski
College of Engineering, Swansea University
Temperature cycle injection moulding of micro channels
2pm, Wednesday 16-October-2013 MNC Seminar Room Dr. Antonio Martinez,
College of Engineering, Swansea University
Study of dielectric induced dynamical many-body correlation effects on Si Nanowire transistor
2pm, Wednesday 2-October-2013 ZCCE Lecture Theatre Mr. Miquel Aguirre
C2EC Research Centre, Swansea University
A 3D vertex centred finite volume solver for a new conservation law in fast solid dynamics


Some past seminars

22nd-25th July 2013 Various distinguished researchers in computational engineering and computational mechanics The 2nd Tsinghua-Swansea Workshop on Computational Mechanics and Computational Engineering
2pm Wednesday 19th Jume 2013 Professor W. Larson, Mathematical Sciences Instiute, The Australian National University NuMRF: A Numerical MaprReduce Framework
2pth Thursday 23rd May 2013 Dr Jose Luis Curiel, Sheffield University Damage modelling of composite laminates
2pm Thursday 5th May 2013 Dr Pushpa Dissanayake, PDRA, C2EC, College of Engineering, Swansea University Modelling long-term morphodynamic evolution of coastal systems
12noon Thursday 15th March 2013 Prof. Charitha Pattiaratchi, Professor of Coastal Oceanography, The University of Western Australia Sea level vairability over a range of temporal scales
2pm Thursday 7th February 2013 Dr Dan Johns, Bloodhound SSC. Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing and Star Trek Replicators
2pm Thursday 6th December 2012 Professor John R. Barker, University of Glasgow, Scotland Green functions and Causality: exploring Electron Transport in Nanowires
2pm Wednesday 5th December 2012 Professor C.S. Manohar, Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India Bayesian methods for updating mathematical models for instrumented structures
2pm Thursday 22nd November  Dr Ruben Sevilla, Lecturer, C2EC, College of Engineering, Swansea University NURBS-Enhanced Finite Element Method (NEFEM)
2pm Thursday 25th October 2012 Dr Peter Vincent, Lecturer, Department of Aeronautics, Imperial College London The flux reconstruction approach to high-order methods - theory, implementation and application
2pm Thursday 1st October 2012 Dr Robert Laramee, College of Science Adventures in flow visualisation
2pm Friday 7th June 2012  Dr Ikumu Watanabe, National Institute for Materials Science, Japan Multi-scale finite element modelling of structural materials
 2pm Thursday 12th January 2012  Dr Mathew Santer, Department of Aeronautics, Imperial College London Time-dependent materials for morphing an adaptive structures
2pm Thursday 30th August 2012 Zainorizuan M. Jaini, PhD Student, Civil and Computational Engineering Research Centre, College of Engineering, Swansea University Muli-scale simulation and numerical modelling of reinforced concrete slabs subjected to blast loading
2pm Thursday 5th July 2012 Dr Akshai Runchal, Analytic and Computational Research Inc,  USA The future of CFD and the CFD of the future
2pm Thursday 7th June 2012 Professor K. Miller, Director of Intelligent Systems for Medicine Lab, The University of Western Australia Challenges for computational biomechanics for medicine
2pm Monday 14th May 2012 Mr Richard Taylor, PhD Student, Civil and Computational Engineering Research Centre, College of Engineering, Swansea University Three-dimensional fluid structure interaction model problems solved using stabilised finite element analysis
2pm Thursday 26th April 2012  Dr Kalna, Civil and Computational Engineering Research Centre, Swansea University  Impurity Potential Induced Resonances in Doped Si Nanowire: Non-Equilibrium Green's Functions Simulations
3.30pm Thursday 15th March 2012 Emeritus Professor Gyan Pande, Civil and Computational Engineering Research Centre, Swansea University Computation of permeability of pourus media using a pipe network model
 3pm Thursday 8th March 2012  Professor Antonio Huerta, UPC Barcelona, Spain Improving numerical efficiency: model reduction, high-order vs. low-order & continuous vs. discontinuous Galerkin
2pm Thursday 1st March 2012  Dr Thomas Franz, Cardiovascular Research Unit, University of Cape Town, South Africa Computational Biomechanics in treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases in Africa
pm Thursday 23rd February 2012 Dr Igor Sazonov, Civil and Computational Engineering Research Centre, College of Engineering, Swansea University Patient-Specific Flow Simulation. Part 1. Geometry: Image Processing and Mesh Generation
2pm Thursday 17th February 2012 Dr Carlos Alberto Figueroa, Biomedical Engineering, Kings College London. Patient Specific Cardiovascular Blood Flow Modelling: Thoery and Applications
2pm Thursday 28th May 2009 Professor Mike Kirby, School of Computing, University of Utah, USA Bridging the gaps: h-to-p efficiently and CG-to-DG transparently
2pm Thursday 21st May 2009 Mr Marc Hassler, Institut fuer Mechanik, Universitat Karlsruhe, Germany. Quasi-Static Fluid Structure Interactions Based on Geometric Descriptions of Fluids
2pm Thursday 30th April 2009 Dr Hennadiy Netuzhylov and Professor Zilian, Computational Science and Engineering, Braunschweig Technical University, Germany A Space-Time Meshfree Collocation Method for PDE's
2.30pm, Thursday 9th April 2009 Professor Wing Kam Liu, Department of Mechanical Engineering, North Western University, USA. Recognition of complex biological/nano molecular pheomena
1pm Thursday 26th March 2009 Professor C. Brebbia, Wessex Institute of Technology. Research Activities at the Wessex Institite of Technology
2pm Thursday 19th March 2009  Professor M. Heil, School of Mathematics, Manchester University. Flow-induced, self-excited oscillations of collapsible tubes- theory and computation
2pm Thursday 5th March 2009 Dr. Raoul van Loon, Civil and Computational Research Centre, School of Engineering, Swansea University Fluid structure interaction and heart valves
2pm Thursday 19th February 2009 Professor Michael Friswell, School of Engineering, Swansea University An Institute for Smart Materials, Structures and Machines for Swansea?
10.30am Thursday 15th January 2009 Professor Thomas J.R. Hughes, Institute of Computational Engineering, University of Texas at Austin, USA Bubble-scale modelling of flowing forms
2pm Thursday 4th December 2008 Dr S. Cox, Institute of Mathematics and Physics, Aberystwyth University. Bubble-scale modelling of flowing forms
2pm Thursday 20th November 2008 Dr B. Evans, Civil and Computational Research Centre, School of Engineering, Swansea University How CFD was used to shape the BLOODHOUND Supersonic Car
2pm Thursday 6th November 2008 Dr R. Mehmood, Swansea University Computational stochastic modelling for large-scale systems methods and applications
2pm Thursday 9th October 2008 Prof. S. Adhikari, Civil and Computational Engineering Research Centre, Swansea University Uncertainity quatification in computational predictions for complex aero-mechanical systems
2pm Thursday 25th September 2008  Prof. Tshilidzi Marwala , University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa Condition Monitoring of Mechanical Systems with Incomplete Information
 2.30pm Tuesday 16th September 2008 Prof. Rainald Lohner, George Mason University, USA Clinically Relevant Computational Haemodynmaics
11am Tuesday 22nd July 2008 Mr Ruben Sevilla, visiting PhD student at Swansea University from UPC, Spain NURBS-Enhanced Finite Element Method (NEFEM) for electromagnetic scattering problems
2pm Thursday 29th May 2008 Dr. Joaquim Peiro, Department of Aeronautics, Imperial College, London Patient-specific high-order CFD simulations of biomedical flows
2pm Thursday 22nd May 2008 Dr. Chris Bennett, Civil and Computational Engineering, Swansea University Development of a comprehensive model of heap leaching of copper minerals
10am Thursday 15th May 2008 Various. Organiser Dr P.D. Ledger Higher order methods in computational science and engineering WIMCS workshop
2pm Wednesday 7th May 2008 Various. Organiser Professor M. Cross Dynamic Fluid Structure Interaction Workshop
2pm Thursday 17th April 2008 Dr. Wulf Dettmer, Civil and Computational Engineering, Swansea University. A fully implicit strategy for fluid-solid interaction
2pm Thursday 6th March 2008 Dr. Bram Sengers, Bone and Joint Research Group, Southampton General Hospital. Computational-experimental characterization of cell behaviour for skeletal tissue regeneration
2pm Thursday 7th February 2008 Prof. Spencer Sherwin, Aeronautics, Imperial Collage, London. Direct optimal growth analysis for timesteppers
2pm Thursday 24th January 2008 Dr. Mariano Vazquez, Department of Computer Applications inScience and Engineering (CASE), Barcelona Supercomputing Center High Performance Computational Mechanics in Marenostrum Supercomputer
2pm Thursday 13th December 2007 Dr. Antonio Gil, Civil and Computational Engineering, Swansea University. Dynamic analysis of prestressed structural membranes
2pm Thursday 22nd November 2007 Dr. Christoph Ortner, Oxford University Computing Laboratory,Oxford University Variational Models of Brittle Fracture: Analysis and Computation 
2pm Thursday 8th November 2007 Dr. Antonio Orlando, Civil and Computational Engineering, Swansea University. Numerical relaxation of nonconvex functionals in solid mechanics
2pm Thursday 25th October 2007 Dr. Richard Curtis, Dental Institute, Kings Collage London. Titanium bioimplants scaffolds-stretching the limits through Superplastic Prosthetic Forming.
3pm Monday 22nd October 2007 Prof. Vaughan Voller, Dept. Civil Engineering, University of Minnesota An enthalpy/ narrow-band level-set method with application to twonon-standard Stefan problems
2pm Thursday 11th October 2007 Dr. Paul Ledger, Civil and Computational Engineering, Swansea University Finite Elements in Electromagnetics- hp Approximations and Fast Solvers.
10.30am Monday 3rd September 2007 Professor Dr.-Ing. Holm Altenbach, Martin-Luther University,Technische Mechanik, Germany Creep Mechanics - Past Present and Future