Scott Bagwell

David Naumann

Tanmoy Mukhopadhyay, from India, PhD Aerospace Engineering

“Two major reasons motivated me to join Swansea University for a PhD in Aerospace Engineering after completing my Masters from one of the India's most prestigious institutes.

Firstly, I got the opportunity to work in a research centre that is famous world-wide in the field of Computational Mechanics and moreover, I was offered to work with advisors who are top-notch researchers in this field of research.

The everyday culture here makes me love this University even more. As a research student, I enjoy complete freedom and flexibility in terms of research direction and working hours. I am always encouraged to take up researchers that are not directly related to my PhD works in the sideline. This has helped me to broaden the horizon of knowledge in different research areas of my interest except the PhD topic.

I would love to remain firmly involved with research and development after completing PhD. I believe an academic position will serve well to pursue my passion for invention.”