Current Research

Staff: (Co-ordinator) Professor Eduardo de Souza Neto, Professor Yuntian Feng

Students: Abdul Latif Mai, Cui Zheng, Tan Wenjun, Wang Min, Aldosary Muhannad Haqqi Ismail, Baderul Hisham Muhammad Zakaria Bin, Chen Bin, Cui Shaoqing, Ramos Barboza Beatriz, Unaeze Conleth Chukwujike, Liang Rui, Muoka Anthony Edwin, Vodlak Teja, Gordon Jonathan, De Bortoli Daniel

Group research interests:

  • Fundamental contributions to the numerical treatment of elasto-plastic/elasto-viscoplastic problems involving finite strains and deformations
  • Contributed prominently to the computational modelling of frictional contact problems and to the simulation of progressively damaging solids
  • Significant contributions to research into adaptive mesh refinement procedures for elasto-plastic materials with evolving geometries, and the development of iterative equation solution procedures for large-scale engineering problems
  • Recent significant research contributions include novel computational strategies for fluid-structure interaction and fluid flows with free surfaces and interfaces incorporating surface tension
  • Actively involved in research on multiscale modelling of materials and structures
Solids, structures and coupled systems
Solids, structures and coupled systems
Solids, structures and coupled systems