1. Multi-physical modelling of MEMS and NEMS devices through coupled electronic and mechanical approaches.
  2. Characterisations of electronic and mechanical performance for micro and nano devices.
  3. Design of miniaturised sensors and actuators for applications in optical, electrical, biological systems.

The MEMS group is led by Dr Lijie Li, who has collaborations with a number of national and international academic and industrial partners in relevant fields. The group has research activities in micro and nanosystems, sensors and actuators, optical and RF microsystems.

Our research interests include:

  • Energy harvesting devices
  • Microscale and nanoscale sensors and actuators
  • Optical and RF MEMS

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Research Tools/Equipment

Various software tools for multi-physical simulation including ANSYS, COMSOL, EWB, and Cadence.

Hardware tools such as basic electronic measurement tools from low frequency to RF; digital microscope for investigating microscale devices; access to SEM in ILS2 for nanoscale devices observation.

Research Funding
  • EPSRC Smart MEMS Actuators
  • Leverhulme Trust Multi-physical modelling of micro-batteries
  • Royal Society Micro-sensors platform
  • Energy Harvesting Devices (DRI at Swansea)
Selected Publications
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PhD Subjects
  1. Piezoelectric energy harvesting devices
  2. Wireless Sensor Network
  3. Nanoscale devices and systems
  4. MEMS sensors and actuators