Research Team: Dr Soroush Faramehr and Dr Petar Igic

GaN Magnetic Sensors for harsh environment

In order to further increase sensitivity and allow for even higher operating voltages at elevated temperatures, different semiconductor materials must be used to design magnetic sensing devices. GaN properties make it an ideal candidate for all devices requiring fast carrier transport with high breakdown and high temperature operation.

Researchers at ESDC developed dual drain magnetic sensitive high electron mobility transistor suitable for high-voltage and high-temperature operation. The device is fully compatible with the current GaN technology and does not require any micro-machining or additional material layers. Application areas include Automotive and Aerospace, Non-Destructive Testing, etc.

GaN HEMTs for high power applications and HEMT Compact Models

Research team at ESDC has an excellent track record in power semiconductor technology development and compact modelling. Their work in the past has been sponsored by EPSRC RC UK, Innovate UK and multinationals, such as TOYOTA Motor Corporation and HITACHI for example. Working together with the researchers from Warwick University, they developed an electro-thermal modelling strategy that has been successfully used since by many research groups worldwide.

Currently, the R&D towards novel GaN power technology and device concepts is underway, and it has been sponsored by NRN and ERDF. The researchers in the centre are also working on next generation power GaN HEMT compact models that will help to disseminate the technology.