College Research Ethics and Governance Committee

The remit of the College of Engineering (CoE) (incorporating the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences) Research Ethics and Governance Committee (RECG) is as follows:

CoE Students: To ethically review all research on human participants and/or data which is not publicly available. When conducting research outside the UK, ethical permission should be sought locally as well as through the College ethics committee. This may or may not entail a full application and advice should be sought from the Chair of the Research Ethics and Governance Committee. 

CoE Staff: To provide an ethical review for research on human participants and/or data which is not publicly available when no other system for formal ethical review is available.


  • Research by staff which requires NHS research ethics scrutiny
  • Research where no human subjects or personal data are accessed (such as a review of literature)
  • Research using publicly available data.


Your electronic submission should all be contained within 1 document and should be emailed to:

Guidance on applying

Our guidance and the procedure for submission of applications for ethical review will be here soon.

Application form and guidance notes

  • Download the application form here
  • Download the guidance notes here
  • Download the General Ethical Considerations

Terms of reference

Read our terms of reference for the Research Ethics Committee here.

Committee membership

The committee is comprised of a body of staff members within the College of Engineering and the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences with relevant expertise (e.g. from behavioural to laboratory investigations), representing the research centres of the CoE.

If you are uncertain about any issues concerning the application you should first seek advice from the representative of your Research Centre. The committee also includes a dedicated administrator to the committee who receives all applications and communications.

The current membership and expertise of the committee include:


Dr Andrew Bloodworth

Vice Chair



Dr Ben Evans

Dr Robert Lancaster

Dr Kiyo Wada

Dr Chris Wright


Miss Nicola Bevan


Meetings are held monthly, usually on the third Wednesday of the month. Applications received by 5pm one week before each meeting will be considered. Where less than 5 applications are to be reviewed the meetings may take place electronically.

Meeting dates:

  • Wednesday 06th September        1.00-2.00
  • Wednesday 04th October             1.00-2.00
  • Wednesday 01st November         1.00-2.00
  • Wednesday 06th December         1.00-2.00
  • Wednesday 03rd January            1.00-2.00
  • Wednesday 07th February           1.00-2.00
  • Wednesday 07th March               1.00-2.00
  • Wednesday 04th April                 1.00-2.00
  • Wednesday 02nd May                 1.00-2.00
  • Wednesday 06th June                1.00-2.00
  • Wednesday 04th July                 1.00-2.00
  • Wednesday 01st August            1.00-2.00

Research governance and research conduct complaints

For queries on Research Governance please contact
Participants should be informed of their right to complain about research misconduct and may do so by emailing

Contact us

For more information contact the Committee's Administrator on or 01792 606732