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College Research Ethics and Governance Committee

The College of Engineeering Research Ethics and Governance Committee (REC) is a sub-committee of the University Research Ethics and Governance Committee and directly reports to it. The remit of the College of Engineering research ethics and governance committee is:

To provide ethical review for research on human participants and/or data which is not publicly available when no other system for formal ethical review is available/appropriate.

*In respect of students, the term ‘research’ is given a broader definition to encompass service evaluation, where this concerns human participants.


  • Research by staff or students which requires NHS research ethics scrutiny
  • Research where no human subjects or personal data are accessed (such as review of literature)
  • Research using publicly available data.

When conducting research outside the UK, ethical permissions should be sought locally as well as through the College ethics committee.

Researchers based at Swansea University due to be working on projects granted research ethics approval at another institution should inform their college research ethics committee of this. This will enable to committee to record the researcher’s involvement in the project, and ascertain whether any formal review process is necessary. 

The committee may also consider broader issues concerning research governance and policy in the university.

*Where research involves the collection of human samples from non-NHS patients and storing that tissue for any period of time either NHS REC approval is required or samples must be held under the HTA licence. University REC is not sufficient for storing human samples, even if they are from healthy volunteers / students. See Swansea University guidelines on collection of human tissue