ESDC wins 1st place award for best EPSRC project

EPSRC Project Wins Award

As part of the Centre for Power Electronics Annual Conference 2018, a poster competition took place showcasing research in the field of Power Electronics. We are delighted to announce that the poster entitled “Integration of GaN Magnetic Sensors with Inductor for Galvanic Current Monitoring” and presented by Dr Soroush Faramehr from Swansea University, was awarded first prize at this year’s competition.

ESDC Prize Winner

The poster summarised the outcomes for the EPSRC projects M+Power (Swansea University) and ITSIA (Swansea University partnered with University of Sheffield).

Dr Faramehr, lead researcher on both of the projects, said: “I am delighted to have won this award. Recent R&D programmes won by ESDC demonstrate the high level of compound semiconductor technology activities at Swansea University playing an important role towards compound semiconductor cluster establishment in South Wales.”

Dr Igic, Head/Director of the ESDC said: “I am very happy with this award and the recognition for our ground-breaking work in the area of wide band-gap technology and devices. The R&D work, based on our split-drain current sensor patent, has been done in cooperation with the Compound Semiconductor Centre and the University of Sheffield and with support from the EPSRC Centre for Power Electronics  based at the University of Nottingham.”

Dr Faramehr (left) from ESDC receives 1st place award and certification for best EPSRC project presentation at CPE annual event held at Loughborough University from 4th to 5th of July 2018.