Nanotechnology at Swansea University

Swansea University has an enviable reputation for research in Nanotechnology. Our world-class Systems and Process Engineering Centre brings together academic expertise from across the University, incorporating state-of-the-art facilities.

Emphasis is on the development of applications-driven research and the transfer of technology from the laboratory to the workplace or health centre. Interaction with industry is a key component of the centre’s strategy.

Our courses equip students for this emerging technology that will significantly improve the way we live.

Hiā€“tech diabetes aid will send alert text in emergency


Dr Vincent Teng, nanoelectronics expert, is  leading the project that will develop a high-tech diabetes blood glucose monitor to send a text alert to emergency personnel if the patient is in danger of hypoglycaemia alert.

"Diabetic patients with low blood glucose can become unconscious due to hypoglycaemia and there are many reported incidents where patients, who either live or work alone, fainted without the notice of others and such occurrence can often be fatal," Dr Vincent Teng said.

"Therefore, a multi-functional monitoring system is important to manage the glucose level of diabetic patients and to provide a warning when the patient is unconscious."

Jei Mei, PhD Nanotechnology