With secure access to 1500m² of dedicated laboratory space, the centre offers a range of equipment and commercial opportunities that would be impossible for a small or medium sized enterprise (SME) to develop alone.

The centre offers access to equipment and facilities for:

  1. Biology and advanced cell imaging
  2. Characterisation with equipment capable of electrical, physical & chemical analysis
  3. Micro-nano fabrication of sensors and devices

CNH can also offer a clinical research facility and access to a 'first into man' clinical trials unit and MRI/CT patient imaging and health informatics

Biology and Imaging

The labs of CNH contain the biological laboratories and advanced cell imaging suite, and these include: 
♦  Molecular biology with real time PCR systems from Biorad read more
♦  Tissue culture, including a separate isolated lab for culture of primary tissues 
♦  Microbiology
♦  Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
♦  Cell Imaging suite comprising 
    °  High throughput cell imaging capabilities including Amnis Image Stream flow cytometry, IMAS-Zeiss Meta systems micronucleus detection and GE InCell analyser 2000.  Download flyer here: InCell  
    °  Zeiss LSM710 Confocal Microscope read more
    °  Combined JPK Nanowizard AFM / Zeiss LSM Confocal Microscope system.  Download flyer here: Bio AFM


The CNH is equipped with a range of state of the art characterisation equipment capable of electrical, physical and chemical analysis. Capabilities include: 
♦  Hitachi SEM (~1nm resolution) with cryo stage, STEM and EDX techniques.  Download flyer here: Hitachi S4800 Scanning Electron Microscope
♦  JPK Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) including electrical mode.  Download flyer here: JPK Nanowizard AFM
♦  Raman Spectroscope (high throughput and combined AFM, TERS, SNOM system) download flyer here: Raman
♦  The Nanoprobe system is fully equipped for Nanoscale imaging and physical and electrical characterisation. It also includes high resolution scanning Auger capability for surface chemical analysis.  Download flyer here: Nanoprobe
♦  Particle characterisation (Quantachrome NOVAe & Malvern Zetasizer Nano) read more
♦  Nuclear Magnetic Resonance system - download flyer here: NMR  
♦  Rheometers - download flyer here: Rheology
♦  Gas Analyser

Micro-Nano Fabrication

The clean rooms and printing and coating facilities within the CNH are extensively equipped for micro-nano fabrication of sensors and devices. There are four main labs:

Class 100 photolithography lab including: 
♦  SUSS Microtech mask aligner (200mm wafer capability) read more
♦  SUSS Microtech nano imprint lithography (30nm features) read more
♦  Raith E-line electron beam lithography (10nm features) read more

Class 1000 area includes:
♦  SPTS Plasma Enhance Chemical Vapour Deposition (200mm wafer capability) read more
♦  SPTS Inductively Coupled Plasma Etch (200mm wafer capability) read more
♦  Physical Vapour Deposition read more
♦  Anealsys Rapid Thermal Anneal read more
♦  Wafer Prober 

To find out more about the clean room facilities see Clean Room Flyer

 Class 10000 bio clean room includes:
♦  Microscopes & micromanipulator
♦  Ruskinn controlled environment cabinet
♦  Electrospinner for producing nanofibres - download flyer here: Nanospider

The Printing and Coating lab in CNH includes:
♦  Areosol Jet Deposition System (10um features) - download flyer here: Optomec
♦  3D Bioplotter - download flyer here:  Bioplotter


 Note, the printing and coating lab in CNH is an extension to the Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating extensive facilities within Engineering, and is especially equipped for working with biomaterials.