Medical Engineering Society

Our Mission

The spectrum of possibilities for a Medical Engineering Student in Swansea is wide. Our society wants to contribute to motivating students and thereby awaken a desire to explore these possibilities and find the optimal career path for themselves.

Furthermore we are continuously striving to form a close knit relationship between the Medical Engineering Students of all years and the staff in an effort to increase the network of each individual for both personal and professional purposes.

Below we describe the services we currently offer students. Feel encouraged to contact us about ideas and suggestions as to how we can improve our Society.

What We Do

Personal Development

After a year of establishment, the Medical Engineering Society has grown to be a place for better interaction and communication among its fellow member of staff and student body.

The primary advantage of mingling with fellow medical engineers is that they are experienced and knowledgeable to any enquires regarding to specific topics and related subjects, followed up by our peer support programme.

In Swansea, teachers and staffs are really encouraging and elaborate in the learning and growing process of Medical Engineering. The Medical Engineering Society is a way for different members in the faculty to share their intelligence, discoveries and theories with the future medical engineers.

Many presentations, talks, seminars and lectures are dedicated to the Medical Engineering students, giving future engineers a glimpse of a very promising future of business, instrumentation, nanotechnology and computational modelling.


Although the Medical Engineering Society is primarily an academic society we also offer social events. Working alongside the Engineering & Sports Science Society we offer members many events both academic and social. Social events range from a house party to pub golf to a beach BBQ.

Social events are a great way to meet other likeminded peers in a relaxed manner. Lecturers attend some events to join in with the activities and interact with students in an informal way, maybe even over a beer.

Make sure you come along to the events and get to know others in your year and course.



President: Megan Lloyd 

Vice- President: Lawrie Shaban

Secretary: Matt Lane

Treasurer: Ivy Mumuni

2nd Year Representative: Richard Ademefun



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